Mexico horrified by suspected massacre of 43 students

Mexico was confronted Saturday with one of the grisliest massacres in years of drug violence after gang suspects confessed to slaughtering 43 missing students and dumping their charcoaled remains in a river.

Mexico probes report general killed in shooting

Mexico City: Mexican authorities are investigating whether a general in charge of security in a drug violence-plagued northern region was among two people killed in a roadside shooting, officials said Monday.

Mexico: 22 killed in drug violence in southern state

Gunmen ambushed and killed
12 police officers who had been sent to investigate the beheadings of 10 people in southern Guerrero state.

Mexico gang battles: 29 dead, 700 flee

A gunbattle between rival drug gangs in Mexico left 29 bullet-ridden bodies.

Mexico returns 400 of 513 migrants found in trucks

Mexican authorities returned about 400 migrants to their native Guatemala

Fifteen killed in Mexico violence

Over 85,000 people participated in a silent protest in Mexico City on Sunday.

Six more bodies in Mexican border pits; total at 183

A total of 183 bodies have been discovered in a month in 40 graves.

Mexican authorities find 37 in new mass grave

Mexico has been engaged in a war against drug traffickers for over 4 years.

Mexico: 45 police accused of being in Zetas cartel

Nearly 37,000 people have been killed in a wave of violence since 2006.

Mexico nabs police accused of backing gang massacre

The 16 municipal police officers are accused of protecting drug gang hitmen.

Search goes on for mass graves in northern Mexico

Investigators uncovered the 72 bodies near San Fernando over the past week.

More than 40 dead in weekend Mexico drug violence

Over 34,600 people have been killed in drug-related violence since Dec 2006.

Mexicans take to streets over drug-violence surge

Drug-related violent crime in Mexico claimed at least 45 lives in 1 weekend.

At least 30 killed in Mexican drug-related violence

The attacks were the latest deadly violence gripping Mexico`s war on drugs.

Over 50 executed in Mexico drug violence

Drug-related violence over the weekend claimed 51 lives across Mexico.

Reputed drug kingpin killed in Mexico shootout

Cardenas Guillen has been indicted in the US on drug trafficking charges.

Wave of Mexican drug violence claims 34 lives in two days

Yet another wave of killing blamed on drug rings in Mexico has claimed 34 lives in two days.

Mexico police recover 7 bodies from mines

Authorities said Monday that seven bodies were pulled from mine shafts in central Mexico, while mounting drug violence forced U.S. diplomats to pull their kids out of a school in the northern city of Monterrey.

28,000 killed in Mexico drug violence since 2006

President Felipe Calderon said he would consider a debate on legalizing drugs Tuesday.

Latest drug violence kills 15 in northern Mexico

The latest spate of drug-related violence in northern Mexico left 15 people dead, including five factory workers near the US border, officials have said.