No more child mafia victims, pope says on visit to clan heartland

No more children must die at the hands of the mafia, pope Francis said Saturday, as he travelled to the hometown of a toddler murdered in a clan drug war.

Mexico loss of 2nd in charge won`t change drug war

Francisco Blake Mora`s death in a helicopter crash was a stunning mishap too odd for some Mexicans to accept as an accident.

Mexico President feels `misunderstood` in drug war

Mexican President Felipe Calderon said his conscience was clear despite mounting violence.

Mexican teens turn to kidnapping in drug war city

Teenagers from law-abiding families are being drawn into crime by cash.

US cattle inspectors leave Mexico amid drug war

Wearing a grey-felt cowboy hat, long-sleeve ivory-colored shirt and freshly laundered jeans, Dr. Arnoldo Gutierrez begins his daily rounds by walking into a dusty pen baking in the South Texas heat.

Thousands of Mexicans march to protest drug war

Protesters want the government to change its strategy in the war on drugs.

Mexican Prez compares 1862 battle to drug war

Felipe Calderon spoke on the anniversary of Mexico`s victory over a French army on May 5, 1862.

At least 59 bodies found on Mexico ranch

Mexican authorities have found 8 mass graves in the La Joya farming village.

Around 230,000 displaced by Mexico`s drug war: Report

Mexican govt census figures released this month support the idea of exodus.

Mexican border city hits 3,000 dead in drug war

The death toll in drug-related violence in Mexico`s border city has risen to 3,000.

US trains Mexican marines in drug war: Report

The US is supplying crucial training to elite units of Mexican marines.

Mexico drug war lacks clear strategy: US cables

As per US cables, Mexico suffers from infighting among security agencies.

Mass grave of drug war victims found in Mexico: Report

Authorities have dug at least 18 bodies out of the grave, reports said.

Mexican student takes over police in drug war town

Marisol Valles, 20, studies criminology in Mexico`s city of Ciudad Juarez.

Mexico govt rejects call for truce in drug war

The Mexican govt has scoffed at the idea of a truce in the country`s raging drug war.

Mexico drug war not comparable to Colombia: Obama

US secretary of state said that Mexico is dealing with a "drugs insurgency".

Violence price worth paying in drug war: Mexican Prez

Calderon tries to rally frustrated Mexicans behind his bloody drug war.

Hitmen kill Mexican Mayor in drug war state

Mayor Marco Antonio Leal was shot dead by gunmen in SUVs.

Calderon defends drug war, many Mexicans skeptical

President Felipe Calderon believes Mexico is getting a bad rap and wants to improve its image.

Fears grow for civilians as 44 killed in Jamaican drug war

Jamaican forces claimed control of a slum in an offensive to capture an alleged drug kingpin, but fears mounted for civilians with officials saying at least 44 were killed.