Alcohol ignition interlocks can prevent drunk-driving deaths

Installing a built-in blood alcohol level tester in every new car in the US that keeps intoxicated drivers from getting behind the wheel could prevent 85 per cent of drunk-driving deaths in the country over the next 15 years, a new study has found.

Mar 22, 2015, 19:13 PM IST

Rajeev Mehta mulling legal action against Scotland Police

Indian Olympic Association (IOA) secretary general Rajeev Mehta today reitirated that there was some serious confusion as no charges were framed against him in the alleged drunk-driving case in Glasgow and is now mulling legal action against Scotland Police for damaging his reputation.

Aug 06, 2014, 11:10 AM IST

Lee Ryan arrested for drunk-driving, possession of cocaine

`Blue` singer Lee Ryan has been arrested for alleged drunk driving and possession of drugs.

Apr 12, 2014, 14:36 PM IST

Minimum drinking age of 21 `saves lives`

A minimum drinking age of 21 can actually save lives, a new US study has confirmed.
Researchers in the US found that studies done since 2006 - when a new debate over age-21 laws flared up - have continued to demonstrate that the mandates work.

Feb 24, 2014, 19:35 PM IST

Slovene minister quits after caught drunk-driving

A Slovenian minister has resigned
hours after being caught driving drunk.

Dec 22, 2010, 23:49 PM IST