Drunk woman cries rape, retracts when sober

A woman, who was found drunk by PCR van personnel early Monday, alleged that she was raped by a man. She retracted her statement on regaining sobriety later, police said.

Drunk woman claimed she is `Jack Sparrow’

Jack Sparrow is the character played by actor Johnny Depp in the Pirates of the Caribbean films.

Woman killed in Bihar for getting drunk

A woman was beaten to death for getting drunk by her husband in Bihar`s Purnia district, police said.

Drunk woman driver crashes into auto, two killed

A 30-year-old woman, who was driving in an inebriated state, rammed her car into an autorickshaw, killing two people.

Chidambaram held up as drunk woman delays flight

A Delhi-bound flight from here with
Union Home minister P Chidambaram on board was delayed by an
hour after a woman, allegedly in an inebriated state, created
a ruckus, airport officials said.