Canada urged to cut consular services for dual citizens

The government has been urged to limit consular services for dual citizens who travel on a foreign passport or who live outside of Canada for prolonged periods, a report said on Tuesday.

BJP promises to resolve dual citizenship woes of Goans

In one of its pre-election promises, the BJP has assured lakhs of Goans to help them get reprieve on the dual citizenship front, if the party is voted to power at the Centre.

Sri Lanka announces new scheme for dual citizenship

Sri Lanka announced a new scheme to encourage those who have settled abroad to return home under a plan to revamp its dual citizenship laws.

UK group seeks dual citizenship for Indians

The Indian government is likely to
consider granting dual citizenship to Indians living abroad,
according to the HSMP Forum, a leading campaign group that has
espoused the cause of Indian and other non-EU immigrants in

Katy Perry eyeing dual citizenship

Pop star Katy Perry, who married British comedian Russell Brand last month, is planning to apply for dual citizenship.

New constitution allows Kenyans to have dual citizenship

Kenya`s new Constitution which
was recently approved in a referendum, will for the first time
allow its citizens to have dual citizenship.

Jean seeks dual citizenship for Haiti

Wyclef Jean wants many Haitians living abroad to vote in their homeland.