Pakistani lawmakers quit over dual nationality

Six members of the provincial assembly, including four ministers, of Pakistan`s Sindh province have resigned over dual nationality issue.

Pak peons, gardeners told to declare dual nationality

Now, doctors, gardeners, peons and sanitary workers have been asked to submit a declaration that they are not citizens of two nations.

Pak SC disqualifies Rehman Malik over dual nationality

Pakistan Supreme Court disqualified Rehman Malik along with 11 other parliamentarians over dual nationality.

Two MQM lawmakers suspended by Pak SC for dual nat

Pakistan Supreme Court on Wednesday suspended a provincial and a federal lawmaker from MQM for having dual nationality.

Another Pak MP suspended over dual nationality

Pakistan`s Supreme Court Tuesday suspended PML-N leader Malik Jamil Awan`s membership of Parliament for having dual nationality.

Dual nationality case: Mailk fails to present docs

Rehman Malik failed to provide documents proving he has renounced his British nationality to the Supreme Court.

Dual nationality lawyer to be extradited to US

A lawyer with dual nationality of the US and Ghana and on the run from American law has been allowed by a Delhi court to be extradited to the US.