Fossil fuel dependence will limit global food output

Agriculture can keep pace with the ever growing global demand for food only by reducing its dependence on fossil fuels, warns a UN Food and Agriculture Organisation report.

India stands ground on equity, as Kyoto Protocol revived

Natarajan`s speech ensured that India`s main concern - the inclusion of the concept of equity in the fight against climate change - became part of the package.

UN chief terms climate pact `significant`

The `Durban Platform` is a "significant and forward" deal that will guide global efforts to address impacts of climate change, UN chief said.

UN climate talks seal legal pact on global warming

The 194-party conference agreed to start negotiations on a new accord that would put all countries under the same legal regime enforcing commitments to control greenhouse gases.

Climate summit enters extra day, no deal yet

The fortnight-long UN climate summit started its extra day here Saturday with no deal in sight.

Climate talks: Lukewarm response to India`s agenda

India`s 3 point agenda -- talks
on carbon space sharing, IPR and unilateral trade barriers has
got a lukewarm response from key negotiating blocs.

`Half of greenhouse gases emitted by five nations`

China, the United States, India, Russia and Japan top the ranking, with Brazil, Germany, Canada, Mexico and Iran just behind.

Cabinet approves India`s stand at UN climate meet

Union Cabinet today finalised and approved India`s stand at the ongoing UN Climate Conference in Durban.

Thawing permafrost vents gases to worsen warming

Those heat-trapping gases under the frozen Arctic ground may be a bigger factor in global warming than the cutting down of forests.

Fighting climate change saves costs: UN scientist

The U.N.`s top climate scientist cautioned climate negotiators Wednesday that global warming is leading to human dangers and soaring financial costs, but containing carbon emissions will have a host of benefits.

`Rich nations should renew Kyoto commitments`

Brazil said today it would press rich countries attending climate change talks in South Africa to renew their commitments to cut greenhouse gas emissions under the Kyoto protocol.

Canada rejects new binding climate change pact

Canada will not sign onto a second binding international agreement to cut greenhouse gas emissions.

Pope calls for responsible, credible climate deal

Pope Benedict XVI called on Sunday for delegates attending this week`s UN climate change conference in South Africa to craft a responsible and credible deal to cut greenhouse gases that takes into account the needs of the poor.

Q&A- The Durban Climate meet

Climate change is a change in the statistical distribution of weather over periods of time that range from decades to millions of years.

Climate change- India’s stand

India is the third largest emitter of greenhouse gases (GHGs) in volume after the US and China.

Previous climate conferences

The alarming state of climate change led to the United Nations convening a global meet in Brazil in 1992.

World Environment Day: Seven billion mouths to feed

Are we incapable of feeding everyone? The answer is clearly ‘no’.