Meet the 'world's strongest dwarf' who is in love with 6'3" transgender woman

 A 4ft 4in bodybuilding dwarf, who claims to be the "strongest man in the world," is in love with a 6ft 3in transgender woman.

Sheridan Smith cast as a dwarf in 'Snow White' prequel
Sheridan Smith cast as a dwarf in 'Snow White' prequel

Sheridan Smith, Rob Brydon and Alexandra Roach have been cast as dwarves in "The Huntsman".

Cate Blanchett was desperate to play dwarf in `The Hobbit`

Cate Blanchett, who plays ethereal elf Lady Galadriel in `Lord of the Rings`, instead wanted to be a dwarf on the movie adaptation of JJR Tolkien`s books.

Panto bosses to produce Snow White sans the dwarfs

Bosses of Britain`s biggest panto are planning to produce `Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs` without the dwarfs.

Marc Jacobs once termed Cara Delevingne a dwarf

Cara Delevingne hasn`t always seen eye-to-eye with fashion designer Marc Jacobs because he once reportedly banned her from his show by calling the 5` 9" model a "dwarf".

‘Star Wars’ dwarf escapes jail after indecently exposing himself to teenage girl

A dwarf who appeared in the `Harry Potter` and `Star Wars` films has escaped a short jail spell for indecently exposing himself to a schoolgirl on a train.

Island of dwarf dinos

Scientists have okayed the theory of an island ruled by "dwarf dinosaurs".

Ancient dwarf whale found

A new study has determined that an ancient dwarf whale unearthed.