Dying declaration doubtful if someone else dictates it: SC

Supreme Court on Wednesday held that credibility of a dying declaration comes under "suspicion" if it is not in the "actual words" of the victim and has been dictated by somebody else.

Husband, in-laws get life term for killing woman

Relying on the dying declaration of the victim, the Supreme Court has sentenced a man and his parents for life imprisonment for killing his wife by setting her on fire.

Presence of victim`s relative won`t make dying declaration invalid: SC

Dying declaration is normally recorded by a magistrate and relatives are not allowed to be present there as they might influence the victim in giving her statement.

Delhi gang-rape: Victim’s statement to act as crucial dying declaration?

Although the gang-rape victim is now resting in peace but her statement can play a crucial role in the form of a dying declaration in the case to nail the six accused involved in this heinous crime.

Dying declaration not sole criteria for conviction: HC

The Bombay High Court has observed that a dying declaration cannot be the sole criteria for conviction and in case of two contrasting views, the one favourable to the accused should be adopted.

Dying declaration recorded by police is valid: SC

Statement recorded by police can be treated as a dying declaration and is valid evidence, the Supreme Court has held.

No need to repeat dying declaration in court: HC

A full bench of the Bombay High
Court has held that a Magistrate or any other person who records a dying declaration of a victim is not required in law to repeat it verbatim in the court in order to prove it.

Delhi court upholds victim`s statement as dying declaration

Treating a critically injured
person`s statements to people who took him to hospital as his dying declaration, a Delhi court has convicted his assailant and sentenced him to life imprisonment.

Conviction valid solely on dying declaration: SC

The Supreme Court has ruled that
a person can be convicted on the basis of a dying declaration
as long as it was "trustworthy" even if other witnesses turn

`Dying declaration should be scrutinised minutely`

The Supreme Court has held that a
dying declaration should be scrutinised as minutely as
possible since there is a tendency particularly among wives
to implicate their in-laws in false cases of murder or attempt
to murder.

Accused can be punished on basis of dying declaration: Alld HC

Punishment could be awarded to an
accused on the basis of a dying declaration even in the
absence of corroborative evidence.