Using smartphones to pacify kids may harm their development

Parents, take note! Using tablets, smartphones or e-books to distract children may be detrimental to their social-emotional development, a new study suggests.

PM Modi asks ministers to spend budgetary allocations evenly

Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Monday asked his Council of Ministers to ensure that the budgetary allocations for the respective ministries are spent evenly throughout the year and denounced the practice of utilising funds at the fag end of the financial year.

Apple loses latest bid to block e-books antitrust monitor

Apple Inc on Monday lost its latest bid to put a court-appointed antitrust monitor on hold after a federal appeals court rejected its argument that his work was causing irreparable harm to the company.

Amazon removes `abuse-themed` books from online store

Online retailer of books, Amazon, has pulled a number of "abuse-themed e-books" from its Kindle Store following a report that highlighted titles suggesting rape, incest and bestiality.

Now vernacular e-books available on your phone

With the growth of e-readers, tablet computers and print on demand technology, ebooks seem to be a popular trend.

Harry Potter e-Books come to Amazon Kindle library

On-line retailing giant Amazon has announced that all seven Harry Potter eBooks will be added to its eBook lending library.

E-books damaging society: US novelist

Jonathan Franzen has warned that our desire for the instant gratification of e-books is damaging for society.

Slovakia launches website with e-books

The European nation of Slovakia has launched a new website to provide the public with digitised school textbooks free of cost.

Now read on e-books with sound effects, songs

E-books are now being given background noises and music in the hope to spark young people`s interest in literature.

e-book boom in China: Survey

Chinese people between the ages of 18 and 70 read 613 million electronic books in 2010.

E-books make our brains lazy: Study

Readers using electronic books are less likely to remember what they have read.

Children like e-books, parents not so much

A new study suggests that children are more interested in reading e-books.

College students to get free access to e-books

College students across India will now get free access to e-journals and e-books from all over the world with the human resource development ministry subscribing to them.

Amazon reshelf Macmillan titles but not e-books

Online retailer Inc resumed selling hardcover and paperback books from Macmillan Publishers late on Friday in a sign. The two companies are getting closer to resolve a pricing dispute over Macmillan`s electronic books.