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Iron deficiency anaemia may elevate risk of hearing loss

Iron deficiency anaemia may elevate risk of hearing loss

This finding will in turn open new possibilities for early identification and appropriate treatment of the condition.

Hearing disabilities is linked to brain, not ears

This research brings together the fields of hearing and speech science, neuroscience and cognitive science, electrical engineering, biology, and systems science.

Ear infections: Know it's causes and symptoms!

An ear infection occurs when a bacterial or viral infection affects the middle ear, the sections of your ear just behind the eardrum.

Revealed! Vincent Van Gogh cut off his ear and gave it to Gabrielle Berlatier

Revealed! Vincent Van Gogh cut off his ear and gave it to Gabrielle Berlatier

The famous post-impressionist painter Vincent Van Gogh had cut off his ear in a mental fit. The real reason behind this violent behaviour is still unknown and largely draws on many speculations related to the artist's personal life.

Now, robotic worms to assist in inner ear surgeries

 Researchers have developed a miniature robotic 'worm' that could drill through a bone into the inner ear, steering around sensitive nerves, to help surgeons remove tumours from the delicate organ.

Genetic blueprint of inner ear cell development created

The findings provide new insight into how hair cells and supporting cells in the inner ear develop and differentiate into specialised cells that serve critical functions for hearing and maintaining balance.

Sensory ear hair cells created in lab

 A team of scientists have developed a simple and efficient method to generate inner ear hair cells -- the cells responsible for our hearing and sense of balance.

Neanderthal had different ear bones than modern humans: Study

A new study has revealed that Neanderthal ear bones were different from the modern humans.

1st world congress on ear and hearing care kicks off in Delhi

The first World Congress on Ear and Hearing Care began here Thursday with its focus on reducing avoidable hearing impairment by 90 per cent by 2030.

Nose virus may trigger middle ear infection

A viral infection in the nose may trigger middle ear infections, which affect more than 85 percent of children under the age of three, says a study.

Auriculotherapy might help in managing constipation

Zee Media Bureau

Washington: Studies have proved that a  form of acupuncture called auriculotherapy can now relieve you of constipation.

England fan`s ear bitten off during Uruguay game

An England fan had his ear bitten off by another during the side`s World Cup game against Uruguay in Brazil, police in Britain said on Saturday.

`Grisly` Tyson-Holyfield `Bite Fight` revealed in book

The grisly drama behind boxing legend Mike Tyson`s biting off his opponent Evander Holyfield`s ear during their infamous 1997 fight has been revealed in a book, authored by a journalist.

First ear, then eye: The cost of joining strike in WB

A brick kiln worker was seriously injured and his eye severely damaged after he was attacked allegedly by Trinamool Congress supporters for participating in the trade union strike of Wednesday and Thursday.

Ear’s stress-response system protects against hearing loss

A stress-response system within the cochlea mirrors the signalling pathways of the body’s fight or flight response, a study has shown for the first time.

Evolution of ear

A new species of mammal that lived 123 mn yrs ago has been discovered.

Chinese fossil find gives clue to ear`s evolution

Researchers digging in north eastern China say they have discovered the fossil of a previously unknown chipmunk-sized mammal that could help explain how human hearing evolved.