Offspring of dominant chimp mothers win more fights
Offspring of dominant chimp mothers win more fights

Like human beings, a dominant mom helps young chimpanzees win playground fights, shows a new study.

Four Navy ships deployed to seas of East Africa, Indian Ocean

In a bid to enhance bilateral engagements and engage in friendly naval exercises, four frontline ships of Indian Navy have been deployed to seas of East Africa and South Indian Ocean, marking stepped up maritime cooperation with the countries of the region.

4 Indian warships on Africa, Indian Ocean Region deployment

Four Indian Navy warships, including destroyer INS Mumbai and frigates INS Talwar and Teg, are on a two-month overseas deployment to East Africa and South Indian Ocean Region to strengthen ties with the countries of that region.

China to re-open embassy in Somalia closed in 1991

China is re-opening its embassy in Somalia some 23 years after evacuating its diplomats as the East African nation plunged into civil war.

Tanzania complete strong east Africa showing

Tanzania completed a successful Africa Cup of Nations weekend for teams from the east of the continent by drawing 2-2 in Zimbabwe and reaching the third round.

Kenya launches USD 13.8 bn China-built railway to boost trade

Kenya launched construction of a Chinese-funded USD 13.8 billion flagship railway project today, hoping to dramatically increase trade and boost Kenya`s position as a regional economic powerhouse.

Fluctuating environment may have driven human evolution

A series of rapid environmental changes in East Africa roughly two-million-years ago may have driven the human evolution, according to researchers.

India, Burundi to further strengthen bilateral trade: Prez

Pranab Mukherjee sought Burundi`s support for India`s candidature for permanent membership in an expanded UN Security Council.

Largest known `true` crocodile identified

A crocodile, which was large enough to swallow humans, once dwelled in East Africa, according to a new study

Elusive long fingered frog rediscovered

Herpetologists have rediscovered a single specimen of the Bururi long-fingered frog during an expedition to Burundi.

300,000 kids risk death in East Africa: UNICEF

The UN said more than 12 million people in the region need food aid.

`East Africa grasslands influenced human evolution

They also point to studies showing that the landscapes of the two regions of east Africa richest in hominid fossils.

Worse drought in 60 yrs hits 10 mn in east Africa

The UN said the situation is deteriorating to the point of famine in some areas.

Al Qaeda`s East Africa chief ‘killed in Somalia’

The presumed head of al Qaeda in east Africa, Fazul Abdullah had a $5 million bounty on his head.

US expands search for WMDs to East Africa

Some of the world`s deadliest diseases have their roots in Africa.

Somali pirates seize Greek ship off East Africa

The European Union`s anti-piracy
force says Somali pirates have hijacked a Greek-owned ship
with 26 crew members, including an Indian.