China, Japan, South Korea to hold first FM talks in three years

China, Japan and South Korea will this week hold the first meeting of their foreign ministers for three years, Tokyo said today, the latest sign of a gradual thaw in East Asian relations.

China a beneficiary of greater Indian role in Asia Pacific: US

The US has said China would be a beneficiary of a greater role played by India in the Asia Pacific region, rejecting outrightly the concerns expressed in the Communist nation about the growing Indo-US relationship.

US supports active role for Japan in East Asia

 Two important wings of the Obama administration - the Pentagon and the State Department - came out in open support of an active role for Japan in the South China Sea, which has attracted a strong reaction from China.

200 million people moved to cities in East Asia in decade: World Bank

 Almost 200 million people in East Asia moved to urban areas in the decade to 2010, the World Bank said Monday, creating a massive challenge to the region`s planners.

China's military secrecy justifies surveillance flights: US official

The United States is justified in carrying out surveillance flights in East Asia, in spite of Chinese objections, given a lack of transparency in China`s military buildup, a senior US official said on Friday.

Earwax odour could reveal your gender, sexual orientation and health status

By using analytical organic chemistry researchers, who have tried to identify the presence of odor-producing chemical compounds in human earwax, have found that the amounts of these compounds differ between individuals of East Asian origin and Caucasians.

India, China discuss measures for border peace

Ahead of their talks between Special Representatives on the contentious boundary issue, India and China on Monday held the fifth meeting of the Working Mechanism for Consultation and Coordination on Border Affairs during which measures for maintaining peace and tranquility on the border were discussed.

US lawmakers urge tough stance on China sea claims

Lawmakers say the United States must not tolerate China`s use of military coercion in pursuit of its territorial claims in the seas of East Asia.

China, Japan, South Korea to jointly combat air pollution

To combat air pollution which has become a major problem in East Asia; China, Japan and South Korea have joined hands together. This step is to boost sustainable development for greater ecological improvement.

Death toll from Philippines typhoon crosses 6,000

The number of people killed from typhoon Haiyan in the Philippines crossed 6,000, authorities said Friday.

Ancient bones point to Native Americans` twin ancestry

In the "Out of Africa" theory, Homo sapiens left their ancestral home in east Africa around 50,000 years ago, heading north, west and south.

North Korea poses serious threat: US

An unpredictable North Korea, with its nuclear weapons and missile programmes, stands as a serious threat to the United States and East Asia nations.

US has made a strategic bet on India: US official

A top US diplomat has said the Obama Administration`s strategic rebalancing to Asia was expected to continue with renewed vigour.

Flu virus may not have originated in East Asia

Researchers have found that it may not have its origins in East Asia, like it was earlier believed.

Human evolution `occurred outside Africa also`

Scientists have claimed that human evolution also occurred outside Africa, after they found evidence that people in East Asia share genetic material with Denisovans.

PM arrives in Japan for two-day bilateral visit

PM Manmohan Singh on Sunday arrived here on the first leg of his three-nation visit, during which he would hold talks with his Japanese counterpart Naoto Kan on a range of issues, including civil nuclear energy cooperation.

`China aims at challenging US’ freedom of action in region`

The buildup of Chinese armed forces is continuing "unabated" and Beijing`s goals appears to be power projection beyond Asia and to challenge America`s freedom of action in the region, a top US Admiral has said.

Ancient human relics

North Korean archaeologists have claimed to find oldest human relics in East Asia.

Dogs may have not become `man’s best friend`

In a new DNA study, scientists have found that domestic dogs originated from Eurasian gray wolves sometime between 15,000 and 40,000 years ago, which raises doubt on the theory that dogs became “man’s best friend” in East Asia.