NATO training exercises in eastern Europe send signal to Russia

 NATO continued military exercises in eastern Europe on Saturday aimed at delivering a "loud and clear" message to Russia that the alliance will defend its members. 

Fossil suggests Eastern Europe was an important pathway in human evolution

A new look at a fossilized bone fragment found buried deep in the soil of a Serbian cave is causing scientists to reconsider what happened during a critical period in human development.

Cold snap in Eastern Europe kills more than 600

Since the end of January, Eastern Europe has been pummelled by deep freeze, which has brought heaviest blizzards in recent memory.

Iron Curtain protected Eastern Europe from alien birds

Scientists have credited Europe’s Iron Curtain, which divided the continent for as many as 46 years, for protecting Eastern Europe’s wildlife from alien birds.

AB InBev sells Eastern Europe ops to CVC for $2.2bn

Anheuser-Busch InBev, has agreed to sell breweries in nine eastern European countries to CVC Capital Partners for an initial $2.23 billion, passing its target for divestments since its merger a year ago.