Barcelona's 'Holy Trinity' doing wonders under mastermind Luis Enrique

Barcelona's Luis Enrique continued to make bold decisions when fielding players and applying tactics, especially pertaining to the champion trio of Lionel Messi, Luis Suarez and Neymar. The tactical game he employed against proficient teams like Bayern Munich and Juventus showed the depth in his game, which is expected to serve as a new benchmark in football.

'Licence regime for OTTs to result in negative consequences'

Bringing over-the-top (OTT) players like WhatsApp and Skype under a licensing regime will result in "negative unforeseen consequences" for technology start-ups and ecosystem, Internet service providers have said.

Ocean fronts boost fishery production, improve climate

Ocean fronts - separate regions of warm and cool water as well as salt and fresh water - can help increase fishery production in the ocean, a new study says.

Oceans are worth at least USD 24 trillion: WWF
Oceans are worth at least USD 24 trillion: WWF

The world's oceans are awash in riches, with output rivalling that of some of the world's largest economies, but over-fishing, pollution and climate change are rapidly eroding those resources, WWF warned today.

Sanitation challenges: Govt not well equipped, say experts
Sanitation challenges: Govt not well equipped, say experts

According to experts, the Indian government’s flagship Clean India campaign would not deliver results without an integrated approach.

Prolonged weakening of Atlantic Ocean overturning caused by global warming can impact weather
Prolonged weakening of Atlantic Ocean overturning caused by global warming can impact weather

Researchers have revealed that continuous slowdown of the Gulf Stream system, which has been caused by the man-made global warming, can have a negative impact on the marine ecosystems and sea level as well as weather systems in the US and Europe.

Street lamps hamper plant growth

Artificial night time light from sources such as street lamps affects the growth and flowering of plants and even the number of insects that depend on those plants for food, a new study confirms.

Growing seasons changing across the globe
Growing seasons changing across the globe

A new study using satellite data has found that the growing seasons have changed everywhere around the world during the last couple of decades.

Ecosystems need maths to survive

Scientists have discovered a previously unknown mathematical property which is behind one of nature's greatest mysteries, how ecosystems survive.

Climate rhetoric faces the devil in the detail

Politically sidelined since a 2009 UN summit almost ended in a bustup, climate change has resurfaced as a priority but faces a brutal test at talks opening in Lima on Monday.

'Underworld' can help understand climate change

A new study demonstrates the organisms below ground could hold the key to understanding how ecosystems around the world are responding to climate change.

India-Bangladesh collaboration can save Sunderbans: Experts

India and Bangladesh must collaborate to facilitate and maintain a flow of fresh water round the year to save the Sunderbans mangrove ecosystem, scientists said here Saturday.

Tiny creatures balance ecosystem
Tiny creatures balance ecosystem

Tiny creatures like earthworms and beetles play a vital role in maintaining grasslands and balancing the ecosystem, a study says.

Gut bacteria may trick us into eating what they want

Gut bacteria may be affecting both our cravings and moods to get us to eat what they want, and often drive us towards obesity, a new study suggests.

`Perfect sequence of events` behind dinosaurs extinction revealed

A new study has revealed that dinosaurs were killed by a series of changes in the climate and environment such as changing sea levels, varying temperatures and extensive volcanic activity that ultimately created a perfect storm.

Plants` size, age impact productivity more than climate

A new study has revealed that the size and age of plants has more impact on their productivity instead of climate that has a relatively minor direct effect on net primary productivity.

Whales help in `boosting` our ecosystem

It turns that ocean`s largest and subtle creatures, whales, are more crucial for balancing our ecosystem than actually known.

UN calls for eco-awareness on World Oceans Day

The UN has urged the international community to commit itself to keeping the oceans healthy and productive for current and future generations.

Chhattisgarh Tourism Board aims to create India’s biggest Eco-Tourism hub

Chhattisgarh Tourism Board, under the aegis of Chhattisgarh Government has created a blue-print of future tourism plans that will help establish Chhattisgarh as India’s biggest Eco-Tourism hub.

Arid areas absorb unexpectedly high amounts of atmospheric carbon

A new research, conducted over a period of ten years in Mojave Desert, has found that arid areas absorb an unexpectedly large amount of carbon as levels of carbon dioxide increase in the atmosphere.