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Britain's Labour Party battles for soul and identity

In the 1970s, a trio of socialists joined a battle to steer Britain`s Labour Party to the left. Within a few years, two of them had seized control of the council that governed London, running the capital for half a decade.

UK`s Labour expected to anoint leftist Corbyn as leader

Britain`s main opposition Labour party was expected to name radical leftwinger Jeremy Corbyn as its new leader Saturday, embracing the anti-austerity sentiment sweeping Europe but threatening deep splits ahead.

British opposition goes on war path over HSBC scandal

British opposition leader Ed Miliband went on the offensive today over an international scandal involving London-based HSBC bank, accusing Prime Minister David Cameron of being soft on tax avoidance.

Google wants rational tax system following criticism

The move comes after Labour Party leader Ed Miliband targeted his rebuke towards Schmidt at the Google Big Tent Conference, the Guardian reports.

Murdoch Empire must be broken: Miliband

Targeting the British Prime Minister during a speech of the Labour's National Policy Forum in Birmingham, Miliband alleged that Cameron "does not stand up to the rich and powerful".