Egyptian Christians ‘fear persecution under Islamists’

Christians are Egypt`s largest religious minority, but yet they don`t believe that any of the candidates, who are running for the post of President is really capable of protecting their community.

Egypt polls: Once ‘moderate’ Islamists turn ‘hardliners’

A recent opinion survey revealed that the shift of stance by Fotouh and Morsi highlighted the paradox, that most Egyptians favour a Turkish-style multiparty democracy.

Egypt`s former spy chief joins presidential race

This last-minute entrance has raised the heat in a contest pitting former regime figures against new Islamists.

Egypt: Salafist candidate may be disqualified in prez race

Abu Ismail`s candidacy application may be turned down as Egyptian law stipulates that a presidential candidate must be born to Egyptian parents who have never held a second nationality.

Egypt Army pardons Brotherhood presidency nominee

Egypt`s military has dropped two court convictions against the Muslim Brotherhood`s new presidential candidate Khairat al-Shater.

Egypt lays out presidential election rules

Egypt`s ruling military laid out
the rules governing the country`s first presidential elections since a popular uprising ousted Mubarak.