Egyptians vote amid confusion and uncertainty

In an atmosphere clouded by part confusion and part despair, Egyptians flocked to the polling booths on Saturday.

Minor violations in Egypt`s vote: Jimmy Carter

Carter said the irregularities won`t impact the final results.

Islamists ahead as Egypt vote enters final leg

Banned under Hosni Mubarak, the Muslim Brotherhood has emerged as a major winner from the uprising that toppled him.

Mubarak party members allowed to run in Egypt vote

Former members of Hosni Mubarak`s political party have won a legal victory allowing them to run in Egypt`s first Parliamentary Elections.

Muslim Brotherhood threatens Egypt vote boycott

The credibility of Egypt`s first elections since the overthrow of Hosni Mubarak has been thrown into question.

Polls open in Egyptian run-off parliament vote

The National Democratic Party has already dominated Parliament for 3 decades.

US `disappointed` in irregularities in Egypt vote

The US was "disappointed"
with how Egypt`s legislative elections were carried out and
called reports of numerous irregularities "worrying," the
White House said on Tuesday.