Four killed trying to stop elephant poachers in Congo

An African Parks helicopter that was sent out to rescue the rangers itself came under fire but managed to retrieve six members of the patrol unit.

Watch: Narrow escape for bikers in elephant attack in West Bengal

It was a narrow escape for two bikers who were attacked by an elephant in West Bengal's Jalpaiguri district after they tried to sneak past it on their motorcyle.

Cruelty to jumbos: Kerala Forest Dept warns of strong action

The Kerala Forest Department has warned of strong action against any kind of cruelty towards captive jumbos, in view of a recent Supreme Court order pointing out the need to curb cruelty toward elephants in the state.

Elephant tramples man to death in WB

An elephant today trampled a man to death in Khuttimari forest near Dhupguri town here, officials said.

Shark bite risk down dramatically
Shark bite risk down dramatically

The risk of being bitten by a shark has declined significantly in the last 65 years, shows a study.

Early warning system about elephants' movement developed
Early warning system about elephants' movement developed

In a bid to mitigate human-animal conflicts, scientists in Tamil Nadu have developed an automated thermal detection system that can discern wild elephants from background and other animals in infrared images.

Elephant found in critical condition Kuttampuzha forest in Kerala

A 13-year-old wild female elephant was found struggling to eat and drink in a forest area near Kothamangalam due to a severe cut in its trunk, forest officials said.

Elephant poaching: Kerala to convene meeting

Kerala government Monday said it would convene a meeting of Forest ministers of southern states next month to tackle the increasing incidents of elephant poaching for ivory in forests in these states.

Ex-Kerala minister gets notice for illegal possession of elephant

Former Kerala minister and film actor KB Ganesh Kumar, MLA, has landed in trouble with a Vigilance Court here issuing a notice to him for illegal possession of a jumbo which he had bought from Forest Department 20 years ago to offer the animal to a temple.

Escaped circus elephant kills 65-year-old German man

An escaped circus elephant attacked and killed a 65-year-old German man as he was taking his usual morning walk on Saturday, police said.

Wild elephant on prowl gives sleepless nights to residents
Wild elephant on prowl gives sleepless nights to residents

A wild elephant that has strayed into a nearby hamlet, has caused havoc by damaging six houses in past two days, giving the residents sleepless nights.

Forget selfie, this 'elphie' will floor you!

If you were left stunned by a black macaque's selfie last year that became a tug of war between Wikipedia and the photographer about who owned the selfie, this awesome "elphie" is going to floor you completely.

35-year-old elephant found dead

A 35-year-old elephant was Monday found dead in Odanthurai area in the district, officials said.

Baby elephant found dead in Odisha

A female calf of an elephant was found dead in the Megha reserve forest of the district, a forest official said Monday.

Resurrection of woolly mammoths in the offing

Scientists have for the first time catalogued the entire mammoth genome, a feat that could serve as a recipe for engineering elephants that are able to survive in Siberia.

Tribal trampled to death in TN

) A 40-year-old tribal was trampled to death by an elephant in Bokapuram, about 30 from here, police said today.

PIL on captive elephants; SC seeks response of Centre, 9 states

 The Supreme Court today sought response from the Centre, Animal Welfare Board of India and nine states on a plea seeking steps for protection and welfare of elephants held in captivity including a complete ban on their sale, gifting and use in religious festivals.

Elephant herd raid mango groves

Mango groves stretching to more than 200 acres in Rajapalayam, Srivilliputhur, Watrap and Saptur have suffered extensive damage over the past three days as elephants from adjoining forests raided and broke branches besides eating the mangoes, forest officials said.

Jumbo carcass found in Banspahari

The carcass of an adult female elephant, guarded by a calf, was found at Banspahari in West Midnapore district Thursday.

Elephant tramples forest guard to death in Bengal

A forest guard was trampled to death by a herd of wild elephants in Ongda forest reserve in West Bengal's Bankura district on Thursday.