Simple weekly text reminder can help improve diet, health

A new study has revealed that weekly texts and email reminders can help improve the diet and health of people, as it would inform them about their calorie intake.

Is it possible to keep passwords 100% secure online?
Is it possible to keep passwords 100% secure online?

A computer scientist recently weighed in on whether people can ever truly master the online password security process.

Indian-origin inventor of 'email' slams critics

V.A. Shiva Ayyadurai, an Indian-origin scientist who received official recognition as the inventor email from the US government 32 years ago, has slammed his critics for not giving him full credit.

European Central Bank website hacked; ransom demanded for data

The European Central Bank (ECB) said on Thursday there had been a breach of security protecting a database serving its public website. This led to the theft of email addresses and other contact data left by people registering for events at ECB.

Sikhs ask US to reveal official use of slurs

A Sikh group today asked US authorities to reveal their use of ethnic slurs after a document leaked by Edward Snowden showed intelligence agents using an anti-Muslim epithet.

Britain moves to keep email, phone data for security

Britain said on Thursday it would rush through emergency legislation to force telecoms companies to retain customers` data for a year, saying the move was vital to protect national security following a decision by Europe`s top court.

Maneka Gandhi sets up email, FB accounts

Women and Child Development Minister Maneka Gandhi has set up two email accounts and a Facebook account to facilitate an interactive exchange between citizens and her ministry.

US releases email, tries to debunk Snowden claims

The US government released an email Thursday written by Edward Snowden, in a bid to debunk his claim that he raised concerns about mass spying programs before fleeing and engineering huge media leaks.

Two arrested in Ecuador for alleged cyberattacks

Ecuadoran authorities said Thursday they have arrested two people for alleged cyberattacks targeting President Rafael Correa.

NSA row sparks rush for encrypted email

A new push to encrypt email, keeping messages free from government snooping, is gaining momentum.

Microsoft changes company policy, vows not to snoop on emails

Microsoft`s general counsel Brad Smith has reportedly announced that the company will induce changes in both company policy and its Web mail terms of service.

Facebook shutting down Windows support for Messenger

Social networking website Facebook`s is reportedly planning to axe Windows support for Facebook Messenger without even giving an explanation for the services shut down.

New system tells how far your email has travelled

A new system that uses GPS technology to calculate the number of miles an email has travelled before reaching an inbox has been developed. to make calendaring easy for email users

A new product called is reported to help users add events to their calendars without much fuss.

Email shows effort to shield bin Laden photos

A newly-released email shows that 11 days after the killing of terror leader Osama bin Laden, the US military`s top special operations officer ordered subordinates to destroy any photographs of the al-Qaida founder`s corpse.

Google fixes Gmail after brief outage around the world

Google Inc suffered a service outage on Friday that briefly took down Gmail, the email service used by hundreds of millions of people and many businesses across the globe.

Twitter to now target ads based on email addresses and user IDs

Twitter has introduced new capabilities to its recently launched Tailored Audiences programme for ad retargeting with email addresses and user IDs.

Delhi government formation: AAP gets 4.5 lakh responses

Aam Aadmi Party, which has sought public opinion on whether it should form a government or not, has received over 4.5 lakh responses through SMS, email and phone calls.

Shekhar Kapur`s email hacked

Shekhar Kapur`s email account has been hacked. The filmmaker, narrator of ongoing TV show `Pradhan Mantri` about controversial stories from Indian politics, says he sees no foul play.

Yahoo lands in privacy row after reassigning dormant email ids

Yahoo has again come under the fire over privacy issues as its users are complaining that sensitive information is being received on email ids which were recently reassigned after being in dormant state for a year.