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Obama chips away at Cuba embargo, discusses efforts with Raul Castro

The United States announced new rules on Friday to further ease trade, travel and investment restrictions with Cuba, but Cuban President Raul Castro told President Barack Obama that Washington should go even further and lift its economic embargo on the Communist-ruled island.

Obama chips away at Cuba embargo, easing business and travel rules

 The Obama administration announced wide-ranging new rules on Friday to further ease trade, travel and investment restrictions with Cuba, the latest effort to chip away at the long-standing U.S. economic embargo amid a thaw between the former Cold War foes.

Libya asks UN Security Council to lift arms embargo

Libya`s foreign minister asked the UN Security Council on Wednesday to lift an arms embargo on his country to allow the internationally backed government to fight jihadists.

In Cuba, US senators urge bipartisan end to embargo

Democratic senators visiting Havana called Tuesday for a bipartisan effort in the US Congress to lift the decades-old embargo against communist Cuba.

EU files WTO complaint over Russian pork embargo

The European Union has filed a formal complaint against Russia at the WTO over Moscow`s embargo on pork from the bloc, trade sources said Friday.

UN chief calls for arms embargo on Syria

UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon today appealed to the powerful Security Council to impose an arms embargo on Syria, stressing that it is "essential" to stem the flow of arms pouring into the war-torn country.

AP HC stays advertisement embargo on Sakshi Group

The Andhra Pradesh High Court on Thursday granted an interim stay on implementation of the state orders banning government advertisements to the media group.

Iran warns Gulf Arabs on oil

World oil markets have been jolted over concerns that
Iran may choke off the vital Strait of Hormuz in retaliation.

EU, Japan prepare for Iran oil embargo

Europe and Japan moved ahead on Tuesday in planning for punitive cuts in oil imports from Iran.

Europe still divided on China arms embargo

Europe remains divided on whether
to lift an arms embargo clamped on China in 1989 following
events on Tiananmen Square, EU foreign ministers said on Saturday.

Obama extends decades-long trade embargo against Cuba

US President Barack Obama on Monday extended for another year the trade embargo against Cuba that has been in place for nearly five decades.