Egyptian activists rally against emergency law

A mass uprising had in February overthrown the 30 year rule of former president Hosni Mubarak.

Egypt activists condemn revival of emergency law

Emergency law would now apply in cases such as blocking of roads, publishing false information and weapons possession.

Egypt to lift Mubarak emergency law before polling

Egypt`s government said Friday it plans
to lift the country`s hated emergency law before democratic parliamentary elections later this year.

Egyptian PM promises reforms, end to emergency law

A new Cabinet was sworn in under pressure from protesters demanding faster change.

Bahrain`s King orders end to emergency law

Bahrain state TV said the state of emergency will end on June 1.

Syrian President says govt to lift emergency law

Assad says there will no longer be an excuse for organising protests after lifting of emergency laws.

Assad forms panel to study lifting emergency law

Syria has set up a committee to implement anti-terrorism legislation.

Assad sees Syria plot, unyielding on emergency law

Syrian Prez Bashar al-Assad defied expectations that he would lift Syria`s decades-old emergency law.

Yemen MPs pass emergency law despite youth appeal

The United States hopes Yemeni President would not be forced from office.

US concerned over arrests of Egyptians under Emergency Law

Voicing deep concern over the arrests of Egyptians under the emergency law, United States has said that Cairo must uphold the rights of all people to express their political views peacefully.