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Volkswagen agrees to $14.7 billion payout in US emissions probe

Volkswagen agrees to $14.7 billion payout in US emissions probe

The settlement filed in federal court calls for the German auto giant to either buy back or fix the cars that tricked pollution tests, and to pay each owner up to $10,000 in cash.

Volkswagen says wrongfooted by US going public on emissions

Volkswagen says wrongfooted by US going public on emissions

Embattled German automaker Volkswagen believed it could clear up emissions-cheating allegations with US authorities amicably and was caught offguard by them going public instead, a key company document revealed Monday. 

Volkswagen faces huge US lawsuit over pollution cheating

Volkswagen faces huge US lawsuit over pollution cheating

Volkswagen faces potentially huge damages to pay over pollution cheat devices on its diesel-engine cars in a class-action lawsuit filed in a San Francisco court this week.

Audi to spend 50 mn euros to repair diesel cars in US

Audi said Monday it will spend about 50 million euros upgrading software that regulators believe flouts US pollution limits in larger diesel cars in the US.

French police raid Volkswagen offices in emission scandal

French police raid Volkswagen offices in emission scandal

Investigators searched the company's main office in Villers-Cotterets in northern France Friday, as well as another office near Paris, seizing documents and computer hardware in the process, the source added.

'India's climate change commitment based on Gandhi principles'

 As millions across the world paid homage to Mahatma Gandhi on his 146th birth anniversary, India's top diplomat in the US said that the country's commitment on climate change is based on the Mahatma's three guiding principles of 'ahimsa, satyagraha and sarvodaya'.

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Ujaas Energy gets letter of intent from West Bengal government.

Amtek Auto: According to lenders the company did not notify them about the loan.

Castex Tech: Promoter Amtek Auto puts 3.82 crore shares on mortgage.

Berlin to probe whether VW, others falsified emissions data in Germany

The German government asked carmakers for information on Monday to ascertain whether they were involved in falfsifying car emissions data, as Volkswagen has admitted to doing in the United States. 

Recession, not gas, drove drop in US emissions: Study

Economic recession was the main cause for a drop in United States carbon dioxide emissions between 2007 and 2013 -- not a shift from coal- to gas-fuelled energy as widely claimed, researchers said Tuesday.

CSE hails govt's stringent pollution norms for thermal plants

Welcoming the government's move to tighten pollution norms for coal-based thermal power plants, a green advocacy body Tuesday said the proposed new emission and water consumption standards will help bring down pollution in this sector.

Impact of single carbon dioxide emission felt within 10 years

The climate warming caused by a single carbon emission takes only about 10 years to reach its maximum effect, according to a new study which refutes the common belief that today's emissions won't be felt for decades and that they are a problem for future generations.

2014 World Cup most polluted in history

FIFA statistics have showed that the 2014 World Cup in Brazil was the most polluted in history with the emission of 2.72 million tonnes of carbon dioxide.

Development in India and China adds to the CO2 emission: Obama

The fast developing economies of India and China are adding to the emission of carbon dioxide, US President Barack Obama has said asking Americans to be ready and adopt more and more green technologies.

SC issues notice to Centre on enforcing EURO V emission norms

The Supreme Court today issued notice to the Centre on the issue of enforcing emission standards in tune with EURO V for diesel and petrol vehicles in the country.

China adopts heavy metal reduction plan

China adopts a plan to tackle heavy-metal pollution after more than 30 major poisoning incidents.

Petrol stations contaminate their surroundings

The air at petrol stations is affected by emissions stemming from evaporated vehicle fuels.

Climate negotiators struggle to finalise Cancun text

Negotiators are struggling to finalise the outcome of the 2-week Climate Change conference that has been enlivened by India`s call for emission cuts by countries.

Emission pledges fall short of climate target: UN

Emissions cuts pledged by countries in a nonbinding climate accord last year fall short of what`s needed to avoid the worst consequences of global warming.

No letup in carbon emissions, scientists warn

Emissions of fossil-fuel gases that stoke climate change edged back less than hoped in 2009 as falls in advanced economies were largely outweighed by rises in China and India.

Electric cars more promising for cutting emissions

A new research revealed that electric cars hold greater promise for reducing emissions.