People emotionally attached to their smartphone

People are not just dependent on their smartphone they are emotionally attached to it as well, a new study suggests.

Emotional events can bolster past memories

 A new study has found that our memories can not only travel back in time to retrieve events from the past but can also update past memories with important new information or details.

Re-enactment of smile helps recall a smile

A new study has recently revealed that people use facial expression to help recall an emotion for example: re-enactment of a smile helps in remembering a smile.

Language of emotion is vague

 A researcher from the University of California - Santa Barbara has found that definition of emotions such as shame and pride have remained vague as our society treats emotion as a negligible and largely destructive matter.

Disgusting things turn people into liars, cleanliness promotes ethical behavior

 A new study has revealed the feelings of disgust can increase behaviors like lying and cheating, while cleanliness can help people return to ethical behavior .

Excessive guilt in young children leads to depression

 Feeling an excessive amount of guilt early in life may shrink a part of the brain linked to regulation of emotion and increase the risk of recurring depression later in life, a study says.

Mothers imbue more emotions in daughters than sons

A new study has revealed that conversations mothers have with their daughters tend to contain more emotional words and content, than the conversations they have with their sons, which might be the reason why women are generally more emotionally intelligent than men.

Emotional awareness promotes healthy eating

Learning to pay attention to your emotions could enhance the choices you make with regard to food, thereby helping you lose weight, says a new research.

Music therapy reduces depression in kids, adolescents

Music therapy reduces depression in children and adolescents with behavioural and emotional problems, a study found.

Emotional Jermain Defoe says farewell to Tottenham Hotspurs

Jermain Defoe admitted he was overcome with emotion as the Tottenham striker said farewell to White Hart Lane on Thursday.

Anger most powerful emotion on social media

Anger is viral! Anger is the most influential emotion on-line inciting more responses than other sentiments such as joy or sadness, a new study has found.

How human brain regulates emotion and mood

A team of researchers has discovered a brain molecule that is responsible for regulating human emotion and mood.

Brain system for emotional self-control discovered

Scientists have found that different brain areas are activated when we choose to suppress an emotion, compared to when we are instructed to inhibit an emotion.

Indian cinema brings emotional content to world, says Sonam Kapoor

Sonam Kapoor, who will be representing India at the 66th Cannes International Film Festival, feels Indian cinema is unique because of its emotional content.

Robots that can display emotion to entertain you

Emys uses an animated neck, three discs and a set of eyes to express a range of different emotional states, from a difficult-to-discern anger to a comical surprise with sadness, disgust, weariness and joy mixed in among other.

Can ‘lack of emotional maturity’ lead Kim-Kris marriage to disaster?

Kim and Kris have been dating each other for six months but whether their marriage will be successful or not is the multi-million-dollar question.

Women feel more intense emotion than men during conflict

Women feel more intense emotions, both powerful and non-powerful.

How partners perceive each other’s emotion during relationship fight

Each person perceives the other partner’s emotion during a conflict greatly influences different types feelings and reactions in themselves.

Facial, vocal expressions trigger big brain responses

A region of the brain, called the posterior superior temporal sulcus, can respond to both facial and vocal expressions of emotion, according to researchers at the University of York.