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Why emotional stress can impact body movement

For the study, a group of Italian and Canadian researchers followed a selection of socially anxious and control group children from childhood to adolescence. 

We are better at detecting laughter than words

Whether they are growls of anger, the laughter of happiness or cries of sadness, humans pay more attention when an emotion is expressed through vocalisations than we do when the same emotion is expressed in speech.

New tech that changes your voice can help alter mood

Scientists have created a new digital audio platform that can change the emotional state of a person by modifying the tone of their voice while they are talking, to make them sound happier, sadder or more fearful.

Robots that can display emotion to entertain you

Emys uses an animated neck, three discs and a set of eyes to express a range of different emotional states, from a difficult-to-discern anger to a comical surprise with sadness, disgust, weariness and joy mixed in among other.