Empire State Building lit up in colours of S Africa`s flag

New York`s iconic skyscraper the Empire State Building is shining with the colours of South African flag, honouring the legacy of anti-apartheid revolutionary leader Nelson Mandela.

Elizabeth Hurley turns Empire State bldg pink for cancer campaign

Elizabeth Hurley turned the Empire State Building pink in celebration of cosmetic giant Estee Lauder`s breast cancer awareness drive.

US: Jeffrey Johnson held grudge against his victim

Jeffrey Johnson was shot dead by New York police officers stationed outside the Empire State Building after he killed Steven Ercolino.

US: `Jeffrey Johnson was quiet, friendly`

Jeffrey Johnson started shooting indiscriminately at people in front of the Empire State Building in New York on Friday and killed one person.

Shooting outside Empire State Building in New York; 2 dead

Two people including the gunman were killed and nine others were injured outside the iconic Empire State Building in multiple shootings.

Empire State Building to turn red and blue for `The Amazing Spider Man` premiere

Spider-Man has finally conquered the Empire State Building and the landmark will shine red and blue for the premiere of the new Spidey movie, starring Andrew Garfield and Emma Stone.

New York Council allows new neighbour for Empire State

The New York City Council has
approved a plan for construction of a 362.7-meter tall tower
that will only be a few feet less than the Empire State
Building in Manhattan.

Empire State Building to get rival skyscraper in New York

New York`s Empire State Building got a rival Wednesday after a developer received a green light to build a skyscraper that would rival the height of one of the world`s iconic buildings, news reports said.

Court bars stunt jumper from Empire State Building

The TV daredevil who tried to
parachute off the Empire State Building has been permanently banned from the New York City landmark.

‘Religious ground behind no to Mother Teresa’

After it created a controversy
by refusing to illuminate the iconic skyscraper in honour of
Mother Teresa, the Empire State Building (ESB) management
Thursday cited religious ground to justify its stand.

Empire State Bldg says `no` to Mother Teresa

New York`s Empire State
Building said "yes" to Mariah Carey, dog shows but no to Mother Teresa.

Empire State Building lit for China angers critics

Critics of China`s communist govt are protesting plans to light the top of NY`s Empire State Building red and yellow to honour that nation`s 60th anniv.