Nature-inspired technology to address energy needs

Mimicking photosynthesis, the process used by plants and other organisms to convert light energy into chemical energy, scientists have developed a new hybrid energy transfer system that could lead to efficient organic semiconductors.

China begins construction of new N-power plant

China has begun constructing a large nuclear power plant in southern Hainan province.

Finland plans 2 more nuclear plants

The Finnish government endorsed the construction of two more nuclear power stations in a move to decrease the Nordic country`s dependence on imported energy.

Finland does not need new nuclear plants: Minister

Finland does not need three new nuclear plants to secure its future energy needs, the minister who is preparing a government proposal on the subject said in an interview published on Monday.

Bangladesh plans to go for open pit mining

Energy-starved Bangladesh plans to go for controversial open pit mining to maximise extraction despite concerns raised by experts about the method which may cause environmental problems and expose thousands to displacement.

Italy to develop nuclear plants after 24 years

After 24 years of moratorium, Italy will develop nuclear power plants with the help of France to meet its energy needs.

Obama opens up coastal oil drilling, angers environmentalists

President Barack Obama on Wednesday backed new drilling for oil and natural gas off parts of the US coastline as a short-term, but necessary, solution to the country`s massive energy needs.

Focus on other means which satisfy Pak energy needs: US

The Obama administration says it is focused on addressing Pakistan`s energy needs, but through non-nuclear resources.

Japan planning 14 nuclear plants: Report

Resource-poor Japan is planning to build at least 14 nuclear power plants over the next 20 years to reduce its reliance on other countries for its energy needs, a report said on Sunday.