Leaders of far-right UK group quit over extremism

Two leaders of a far-right, anti-Muslim group in Britain say they have quit because of growing extremism in the organisation`s ranks.

Ten attacks on UK mosques reported since British soldier’s murder

The attacks come amid warnings from Muslim community leaders that the backlash is being fuelled by far right groups.

English Defence League retaliates following Woolwich terror attack

A group of 100 men, some wearing balaclavas printed with `EDL`, threw bottles at the police and chanted anti-Muslim slogans for less than an hour, The Guardian reports.

UK police arrest 170 near Armistice parade

The English Defence League casts itself as a peaceful opponent of radical Islam.

British police arrest 15 in anti-Islam demonstration

British police arrested 15 people and four officers were injured when scuffles broke out at a demonstration by about 300 members of an anti-Islam group in central England on Saturday.

British far-right group sparks clashes; 11 arrested

Violent clashes were reported between police and supporters of a British far-right group whose members marched through Nottingham chanting, "We want our country back”. Police said 11 arrests were made.