UK introduces tougher English test for migrants

The UK is introducing a series of tougher new tests that immigrants will have to clear before they can claim state benefits.

Notice to Centre, UPSC on plea against English test

The UPSC, however, introduced a new Aptitude Test paper
worth 200 marks in 2011 containing an English Language
Comprehension Skill section worth 22.50 marks.

Pakistan: 600 police personnel fail English test

An English language test was conducted for deployment on UN peacekeeping missions.

English test must for non-EU migrants in UK

The English language test announced by the British government for all non-European migrants applying to come to Britain to join or marry their settled partner will become compulsory from November 29 this year.

Tories back down over immigrants` English test

A Labour MP has accused
Britain`s Home Secretary Theresa May of watering down a Tory
pledge to bar immigrants unless they can speak good English.

UK’s move to make English test compulsory flayed

UK govt has decided to make English test compulsory for non-European spouses.

UK Parliamentarians seek `English test` for visa applicants

As Britain moves to tighten rules
for immigrants, top parliamentarians have called for a
compulsory "English test" for those applying for UK visas, a
move that could impact thousands of Indians seeking to move to the country.