Tunisians elect new Parliament to consolidate young democracy

Tunisians elected a new Parliament on Sunday bringing full democracy within their reach almost four years after an uprising cast out autocrat Zine El-Abidine Ben Ali and inspired the "Arab Spring" revolts.

Tunisia`s ruling Islamists to step down

Tunisia`s governing Islamist party has agreed to step down following negotiations with opposition parties that begin next week.

New Tunisian leaders announce government plan

Ennahda will take prime minister`s position while veteran rights activist Moncef Marzouki will become the interim president.

`Tunisia coalition reaches deal on top posts`

Under the deal, the most powerful post, of prime minister, will go to Hamadi Jbeli.

Tunisia issues final election results

Tunisia is known in the Arab world for its comparatively secular outlook and progressive legislation on women`s rights.

Tunisian women demonstrate to protect their rights

Tunisia is known for some of the most progressive legislation in the Middle East regarding women`s rights.

Tunisian Islamist election win marred by clashes

Announcing the results, election commission members said Ennahda had won 90 seats in the 217-seat assembly.

Partial Tunisia results: Islamist party has 44%

Tunisian authorities have been slow in announcing results because they`re taking extra care with the counting.

Huge turnout in Tunisia`s Arab Spring election

Tunisian voters poured into polling stations to vote on Sunday in their country`s first free election.