Bollywood supports US playwright Eve Ensler`s gender justice fight

American playwright and activist Eve Ensler, currently in India to gather support for her global movement to uproot violence against women, is also celebrating 10 years of her award-winning play `The Vagina Monologues` in the country.

Aniston seeks ‘equality, generosity and awesomeness’ in a relationship

Jennifer Aniston has revealed the qualities she seeks in a relationship, with “equality, generosity and awesomeness” topping the list.

Actress Kamala Lopez defends women`s rights

Actress and filmmaker Kamala Lopez, a staunch defender of women`s rights, has become actively involved in a project that seeks to raise awareness about the need to amend the Constitution to guarantee equality.

Big B bats for children equality

Big B bats for equal treatment for male, female children.

Looking Ahead: Shakti for Women

Equality will set in when the society accepts that women have the same standing as men.

Age of Equality: Who pays on the first date?

More than half of British women pay for themselves on a first date, even though men still want to pay, according to a survey.

Obama vows to pursue fight for women`s equality

US Prez pledged to continue fight to help women get fair wages, escape poverty & compete in academics.

UN statistics show women`s equality still a dream

There are 57 million more men than women globally, the UN said in a report.

Teachers should consider equality and inclusiveness of educational system: PM

PM says empowerment of teachers must include opportunity for them to share policy perspectives.

India low in man-woman equality index: WEF

India may be world`s second fastest growing economy but figures at the bottom of man-woman equality table.