Eat drumstick flowers for a healthy sex life!

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Drumstick, commonly called Shehjan in India is known for its numerous health benefits. Being high in vitamin B complex and tasty in nature the flowers, leaves and drumsticks themselves forms an integral part of Indian cuisine.

Blueberries, red wine can help in erectile dysfunction

Flavonoid-rich foods are associated with a reduced risk of erectile dysfunction, says a new study.

Sex and Aging: What changes to expect in men!

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For most people, the desire to have a satisfying sexual life continues throughout life. But age comes in the way! With age comes an array of physical changes in both men and women which hampers their ability to have an active sex life.

Five foods that will help spice up your sex life!

Here are a few foods that can help improve your sexual stamina and overcome erectile dysfunction.

Forget Viagra! Try these 8 natural remedies for erectile dysfunction

Here are some home/natural remedies which can be considered as a healthy alternative to viagra.

Common hair growth drugs could ruin your sex life

Certain common drugs prescribed for those suffering from male pattern hair loss - known as alopecia - and benign prostate enlargement (BPH) may lead to adverse sexual side effects such as loss of libido or erectile dysfunction, warns a new study.

'Impotent' men at greater type 2 diabetes risk

Having trouble in "achieving it?" Medical researchers have claimed that males who experience erectile dysfunction might face twice the risk of type 2 diabetes compared to males without such sexual incapability.

'Party drug' addiction can hamper sex in men

Heavy use of party drugs like "Ecstasy" can lead to sexual problems like erectile dysfunction in men, a new study has indicated.

Viagra doesn't cause skin cancer, but following a Viagra lifestyle might

A new research has revealed that erectile dysfunction drugs such as Viagra, don't cause skin cancer, but following lifestyle that involves ingesting medications to prevent erectile dysfunction can be blamed.

'Human breast milk' craze ill advised by scientists

Human breast milk has emerged as a fad amongst certain fitness communities, fetishists and chronic disease sufferers, however, scientists have advised against it.

IMA wants warnings on erectile dysfunction, ageing on tobacco products

The Indian Medical Association (IMA) Friday demanded displaying of pictorial warning messages on erectile dysfunction and early ageing on tobacco products.

Drinking 2-3 cups of coffee daily could reduce erectile dysfunction

Guys! Drinking 2-3 cups of coffee a day could reduce your chances of facing erectile dysfunction (ED), claims a new study.

Gene therapy to treat erectile dysfunction

There is some good news for those who can't have 'it' up on the spur of the moment! 

Erectile dysfunction drug may relieve nerve damage in men with diabetes

 Drugs used for erectile dysfunction can also relieve male diabetes patients from the pain caused by life-threatening nerve damage.

What happens to men's sex drive as they age

 A new study has recently revealed that reduced sexual activity could cause a dip in testosterone levels in older men.

Mediterranean diet good for erectile dysfunction patients

People who have erectile dysfunction are at increased risk of heart attack and stroke, but eating a Mediterranean diet can reduce that risk, says a study.

Heart disease may lead to erectile dysfunction

Heart conditions may also affect a man's sex life as researchers have found that men with certain heart conditions are more likely to develop erectile dysfunction than men who do not have early-stage vascular disease.

Suffering from gout? Check for erectile dysfunction

Gout, a condition characterised by recurrent attacks of acute inflammatory arthritis that results in warmth, pain, swelling, and extreme tenderness in a joint may make men vulnerable to severe erectile dysfunction (ED), a study shows.

Cholesterol-lowering drugs may boost your sex life too

Those who take cholesterol-lowering statins to keep their heart health in shape can further chill as statins have now been linked with a significant improvement in erectile function.