Learn and groove with Google Glass soon

 Those who think the eye wearable device Google Glass is dead, be ready to shake a leg with the device. According to media reports, Google Glass will come with a new technology that will teach you some funky dance moves in real time.

Eric Schmidt says Google Glass isn't dying, just being 'made ready for users'
Eric Schmidt says Google Glass isn't dying, just being 'made ready for users'

 Dismissing rumours that the tech giant was killing Google Glass following its dismal reception in the tech market, Executive Chairman Eric Schmidt has said that the technology behind Glass was "too important to throw away" and that the program has been put under the control of Nest's Tony Fadell to "make it ready for users" in the future.

Tech firms `will win` encryption battle: Google chief

Technology firms will ultimately prevail in their efforts to use strong encryption on devices that cannot be accessed by the government, Google executive chairman Eric Schmidt said Wednesday.

Internet will `disappear`, Google boss Eric Schmidt tells Davos
Internet will `disappear`, Google boss Eric Schmidt tells Davos

Google boss Eric Schmidt predicted on Thursday that the Internet will soon be so pervasive in every facet of our lives that it will effectively "disappear" into the background.

PM Narendra Modi meets top American CEOs

With an aim to attract US business honchos to invest in India, Prime Minister Narendra Modi who is on his maiden visit to the United States, has begun his breakfast meeting with the CEOs of top US companies on Monday.

Google boss Schmidt slams 'paranoid' Assange over Govt ties accusations

Google's Eric Schmidt is infuriated with Julian Assange allegations that Google is tied to the US government when it comes to the openness of the Internet, which the WikiLeaks founder expressed in his new book 'When Google met WikiLeaks.'

Obama meets Internet bosses on surveillance

US President Barack Obama met bosses from Facebook, Google and other Internet giants Friday to discuss plans to overhaul US spy agency surveillance practices which have infuriated the industry.

Google boss Schmidt says Internet censorship could become impossible in coming few years

Google`s executive chairman Eric Schmidt has reportedly said that more revolutions like the one in Ukraine would be seen when another two billion people connect to the Internet in the next five years or so.

Rise of social media will lead to China`s liberalization: Eric Schmidt

Google`s Executive Chairman, Eric Schmidt has reportedly said that the rise of social media in China will lead to its liberalisation.

Google`s Eric Schmidt predicts end of censorship within a decade

Google Inc Executive Chairman Eric Schmidt has a bold prediction: Censorship around the world could end in a decade, and better use of encryption will help people overcome government surveillance.

Google asks India to embrace transparency in Internet use

Asserting that Internet freedom will help attack corruption, Google`s Executive Chairman Eric Schmidt has asked India to embrace "transparency and openness" of the web that will have a potentially game-changing impact on governance.

Google to block searches for child porn

In a bid to counter child sexual abuse, Google has announced the development of a new software that will block links to child abuse material on the web.

Google boss calls for `freedom of speech` in China

Google executive chairman Eric Schmidt called on China to open up Internet access and voiced concern at its latest crackdown on online freedoms in an interview in Hong Kong Monday.

`Google will pay more if British tax laws are changed`

Google executive chairman Eric Schmidt has said the company will pay more tax if the British tax laws are changed.

Google boss warns students against `censorship of net` and `digital ethnic cleansing`

Eric Schmidt and Jared Cohen have warned students against censorship on the internet and the dangers that `digital ethnic cleansing` pose.

Google boss defends UK tax bill

Google has come under closer scrutiny in several European nations where cash-strapped governments are increasingly wary of being shortchanged on tax revenue.

`Everyone on Earth will be online by 2020`

Google Executive Chairman Eric Schmidt has predicted that everybody in the world will be on the Internet within seven years.

Google`s Eric Schmidt calls for civilian drone regulation

Google head Eric Schmidt has called for regulation of civilian drone technology, warning about privacy and security concerns.

India is going to be rocking: Google chief

India will add a significant part of the next 5 billion Internet users, with maths suggesting that it is the country to look out for, Google Executive Chairman Eric Schmidt said on Thursday.

`China world`s most sophisticated hacker`

Google`s executive chairman, Eric Schmidt, has described China as the most "sophisticated and prolific" hacker of foreign companies in his upcoming book.