Escaped from Eritrea, refugee route leads to Europe

 Eritrea is a day`s trek through dusty hills from the refugee camp in Ethiopia, a way station for tens of thousands of Eritreans who have fled their oppressive homeland.

World Cup-winning footballers call for help for Germany`s refugees
World Cup-winning footballers call for help for Germany`s refugees

Germany`s World Cup-winning footballers have condemned xenophobic attacks on the thousands of foreigners pouring into their country and led calls to help the refugees amidst the ongoing crisis here.

Eritrea calls for UN probe into `abhorrent` people smuggling

Eritrea on Saturday called on the United Nations to investigate the "abhorrent" flood of refugees from its borders to Europe, an exodus attributed to gross human rights violations in the hermit state.

Tour de France: Eritrean commissioner hails historic day
Tour de France: Eritrean commissioner hails historic day

Eritrea`s commissioner of culture and sports on Saturday hailed the historic participation of two riders from his country in the Tour de France.

EU`s Tusk says `no consensus` on mandatory migrant quotas

EU president Donald Tusk backed down Thursday on demands that member states accept mandatory migrant quotas, saying there was no "consensus" on the divisive issue as leaders met for a summit.

Eritrea calls UN report of horrific rights abuses `vile` lie

Eritrea on Tuesday dismissed a UN investigation detailing systematic human rights abuses as "outrageous claims" aimed at destabilising the isolationist Red Sea state.

Horrific abuses `systematic, widespread` in Eritrea: UN probe

Eritrea`s government is responsible for systematic and widespread human rights abuses on an almost unprecedented scale, driving some 5,000 Eritreans to flee every month, a UN investigation said Monday.

French police clear migrant camp in Paris

Dozens of French law enforcement officers on Tuesday cleared several hundred African migrants from a camp under a subway bridge in northern Paris.

Tighter border controls block African migrants in Italian Alps

Some 200 mostly Eritrean migrants heading northwards from Italy were turned back by police in the Italian Alps on Friday and left sleeping in train stations as European countries tightened frontier checks before a global summit in Germany.

Pranab Mukherjee felicitates Eritrea on eve of its Independence Day

 President Pranab Mukherjee has extended his greetings and felicitations to the Government and people of Eritrea on the eve of their Independence Day, which falls on Sunday.

After the Mediterranean, UK-bound migrants risk Channel crossing

 After braving the leaky boats of the Mediterranean, many migrants to Europe make another dangerous crossing, risking their lives hidden inside or under the wheels of lorries to try to reach Britain.

More than 300 migrants rescued off Sicily: Reports

Around 318 migrants in distress at sea between Sicily and the coast of Libya were rescued by an Icelandic navy ship taking part in an EU border patrol of the Mediterranean, Italian media reported Saturday.

Migrants clash in French port city amid tensions, 7 injured

A clash between about 200 migrants trying to get to Britain from the northern French port city of Calais left seven injured early Saturday.

Italy pulls nearly 3,000 African migrants to safety

Italian navy pulled nearly 3,000 African sea migrants to safety early Saturday, media reports said.

Sudan to supply power to Eritrea: Media

Sudan plans to supply neighbouring Eritrea with electricity, official media reported on Friday, just months after Khartoum said it would buy power from Eritrea`s rival Ethiopia.

Eritrea withdraw from 2015 Africa Cup

Eritrea withdrew from the 2015 Africa Cup of Nations qualifying competition Sunday, the organisers said in a statement.

Over 50 Africans died at sea trying to reach Italy

The United Nations Refugee Agency said over 1,300 people have arrived in Italy from Libya by boat this year.

Eritrean leader says US behind Ethiopia raids

Addis Ababa, US` main ally in the region, said it attacked military bases used by rebels inside Eritrea this month.

Ethiopia attacked us over border dispute: Eritrea

Relations between Eritrea and Ethiopia have been strained since Eritrea gained its independence from Addis Ababa govt in 1993.

Eritrea: Ethiopia attacked us over border dispute

The Eritrean government said that the attack on its military outposts by neighboring Ethiopia was meant to divert attention from a border dispute
between the two countries.