UN rights urges independent probe on Egypt clashes

The UN expressed regret over the deaths, and called on the authorities to "ensure the protection of all".

Egypt: 140 hurt in clashes, rulers promise reforms

Thousands of demonstrators fought opponents with stones on their march to the Defence Ministry.

Egyptian PM promises reforms, end to emergency law

A new Cabinet was sworn in under pressure from protesters demanding faster change.

Egypt FM resigns in midst of cabinet shuffle

Egypt`s foreign minister as PM Essam Sharaf appointed two deputies in the first steps towards a cabinet shuffle aimed at appeasing protesters.

Egypt PM accepts deputy resignation

Yehia el-Gamal had earlier offered his resignation but it was rejected by ruling military council.

Egypt PM announces cabinet reshuffle within a week

Egyptian PM Essam Sharaf is facing mounting pressure from protesters over the slow pace of reform.

Egypt`s new PM vows to meet protesters` demands

Egypt`s Prime Minister-designate
vowed before thousands of demonstrators at a central
Cairo square to do everything he could to meet their demands
and pleaded with them to turn their attention to "rebuilding"
the country.

Warm reception for Egypt`s new PM in Tahrir Square

Thousands of Egyptian demonstrators
greeted new Prime Minister Essam Sharaf with raucous cheers of
support in Cairo`s Tahrir Square today, a day after he was
named to the post.