Ethiopian Airlines plane hijacked by co-pilot

An Ethiopian Airlines plane was reportedly hijacked by co-pilot on Monday and was forced to land at Geneva airport in Switzerland.

Dreamliners under fire as Heathrow probe continues

Investigators are still trying to establish the cause of a fire on a parked Boeing 787 Dreamliner, which temporarily shut down both runways at Heathrow airport.

Pilot in Beirut crash didn`t follow tower`s advice

The pilot of an Ethiopian Airlines plane that crashed into the sea flew in the opposite direction from the path recommended by the control tower after taking off from Beirut.

Ethiopian jet crash deaths rise as 34 bodies found

An Ethiopian Airlines plane carrying 90 people caught fire and crashed into the sea minutes after taking off from Beirut early Monday, setting off a frantic search as rain lashed the coast and debris washed ashore. At least 34 bodies were recovered.