Greece races to finalise reforms after tough bailout deal

Greece was under pressure Saturday to finalise reform proposals that would keep its loan lifeline open after an EU compromise deal clipped its anti-austerity ambitions.

Germany rejects Greece debt proposal

Germany on Thursday rejected a request by Greece to its European partners for a six-month extension to its EU loan programme, saying it was "not a substantial proposal for a solution".

Greece `will not accept ultimatums` in EU talks: Government source

Greece "will not accept ultimatums" in last-ditch EU talks over the future of its reforms and cash support, a government source said Tuesday.

Minister denies Greece may run out of cash in March

Greece`s economy minister Georges Stathakis denied Saturday that the debt-laden state might run out of cash next month because of lower than expected tax receipts, saying a newspaper report to that effect was mistaken.

Greece lawmakers meet under as default fears loom

Greece`s hard-left government was set to meet on Saturday, after sparking fresh fears of a default by demanding temporary funding from its European creditors before renegotiating its foreign loans.

Greek vote stokes anti-austerity mood in Ireland

Ireland`s economy is speeding ahead and unemployment is dropping, but the coming to power of a radical new government in fellow eurozone member Greece has revived debate about the pain of austerity.

Europe warns Greece`s Syriza to stick to austerity

The EU issued Monday a stern warning to Greece that its place in the eurozone was at risk if new Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras failed to meet the country`s austerity and debt commitments.

Greek leftist Alexis Tsipras sworn in as PM
Greek leftist Alexis Tsipras sworn in as PM

Greek left-wing leader Alexis Tsipras was sworn in on Monday as the prime minister of a new hardline, anti-bailout government determined to face down international lenders and end nearly five years of tough economic measures.

PM Samaras concedes defeat, says Greeks `have spoken`
PM Samaras concedes defeat, says Greeks `have spoken`

Greek Prime Minister Antonis Samaras on Sunday said the nation "had spoken" in handing victory to the anti-austerity Syriza party, and said he hoped the new government would not endanger the country`s EU and euro membership.

Anti-austerity Syriza wins historic Greek election victory
Anti-austerity Syriza wins historic Greek election victory

Anti-austerity party Syriza won a historic victory in Greece`s election Sunday, partial results showed, setting up a confrontation with the EU over its plans to renegotiate the country`s massive bailout.

Tsipras promises to restore `dignity` to Greece

The leader of Greece`s left-wing Syriza party vowed Friday to restore "dignity" to the hugely-indebted country if they win Sunday`s general election as expected.

Italy`s President Napolitano resigns kicking off election
Italy`s President Napolitano resigns kicking off election

 Italy`s veteran President Giorgio Napolitano resigned on Wednesday, setting the stage for the election of a new head of state, a thorny process which could prove a political headache for Matteo Renzi`s government.

Italy police seize 50 mn euros in fake banknotes

Italy's financial police said on Thursday they had seized over one million fake 50 euro banknotes which were almost ready to be put into circulation, and arrested five people.

Merkel says she wants Greece to stay in the euro zone

Germany`s Angela Merkel played down the chances of a Greek exit from the euro zone on Wednesday, but made clear she expected Athens to stick to the terms of its international bailouts after this month`s election.

Hollande urges Greece to stick to EU pledges as `Grexit` fears resurface

French President Francois Hollande on Monday urged Greece to abide by its European commitments, as the spectre of a Greek exit from the eurozone rears its head again.

Premier says Greek future in Europe hangs on election result

Greece`s prime minister warned Tuesday the financially-stricken nation may be forced out of the eurozone if January`s parliamentary election hands hard-left party Syriza power to reverse years of austerity measures.

Polls to determine whether Greece stays in Europe: PM

Greece started counting down Tuesday to a snap election next month as the prime minister warned that the ballot will determine whether the crisis-hit country remains part of the eurozone.

Eurozone ministers show `strong support` for Greece credit line

Eurozone ministers moved towards throwing twice bailed out Greece a new credit line on Thursday, that would come with conditions over its handling of budget and continued oversight by the International Monetary Fund.

Unemployment of OECD `lost` generation edges down

Eurozone unemployment is still far higher than the average rate across advanced countries, the OECD said today just as Britain reported another fall.

Fresh Slovenia turmoil as PM loses party leadership

Slovenia`s Prime Minister Alenka Bratusek lost the leadership of her party after 13 months in office Friday, plunging the small Eurozone country back into political turmoil.