Top 10 incredible facts: Spacewalks and Spacesuits

Each time an astronaut (or a cosmonaut if Russian) gets out of a spacecraft while in space to do important tasks, it is called a spacewalk — also known as an Extra-vehicular activity (EVA).

Eva Green gets `Sin City: A Dame To Kill For`

Actress Eva Green has landed the lead role in `Sin City: A Dame To Kill For`.

Eva’s tattoos painful reminder of failed marriage with hubby

Eva is still stuck with a few permanent reminders of their failed marriage-tattoos on her body.

Tony was not blindsided when Eva filed for divorce

Tony has revealed that he was not blindsided when wife Eva Longoria filed for divorce.

Eva and Keira`s red carpet moment ruined by protests

Hollywood beauties Eva Mendes and Keira Knightley missed out on their moment of glory on the red carpet after the Rome premiere of their film `Last Night` was hijacked by Italian protesters.

Eva, Elijah sign up for 24-Hour Plays

The play includes tasks twenty-four actors, six writers and six directors.