Follow spouse to enhance your fitness levels
Follow spouse to enhance your fitness levels

Do not look for a personal trainer, state-of-the-art gym or weight-loss treatment if you want to shed those extra kilos around your belly. Just follow the footsteps of your exercise-loving partner and enhance your fitness levels!

Ryan Seacrest hyper-obsessed with exercise

Once a chubby child, TV host-producer Ryan Seacrest is now "hyper-obsessed with exercise".

Feel bloated? Try a seven-day programme

Do you feel bloated? It could be a result of various reasons, but you can battle it with a mix of exercise, right food intake and a healthy lifestyle.

Exercise, nutritious meal keep Schiffer in shape

Model Claudia Schiffer says she relies on vegetable milk with fruit, water and exercise to maintain her figure.

Pep up yoga outfits

Trying to get back into shape by doing yoga? Slip into clothes that will move with your body with ease without killing your style.

Shake off that burnt out feeling with exercise, dance

Long working hours and hectic schedules often leave people totally drained and exhausted. Dancing and exercising can be termed the best solution to overcome such problems.

Gwen Stefani spills secrets of staying in shape

Gwen Stefani has revealed that following a balanced and healthy lifestyle is the key to staying in shape.

Good food, moisturising vital beauty regime for young moms

Pregnancy can lead to pigmentation, stretch marks and even dull skin, but young mothers can combat all this with good food, proper skin moisturising and regular exercise, says a Delhi-based dermatologist.

Naomi Campbell never diets

Naomi Campbell, who mentors aspiring models on new US TV show ‘The Face’, says she has never had to rely on diet or exercise to stay slim.

Bipasha exercises with SOTY songs

Bipasha Basu`s workout sessions are like one big party for her these days, thanks to the soundtrack of Karan Johar`s ‘Student Of The Year’(SOTY).

Exercisers likelier to survive heart attack than couch potatoes

People who suffer a heart attack while they`re doing exercise are three times more likely to survive than those who did not.

How astronauts can protect their bones through diet and exercise

Researchers have found that eating the right diet and exercising hard in space helps protect International Space Station astronauts` bones.

Minimising fat with more exercise easy way to shed weight

All you need to do to lose weight is eat less fat and do more exercise, say researchers.

Just 15 mins of exercise a day can help smokers kick the butt

Smokers who exercise are likely to find it easier to quit successfully, say researchers.

An hour of exercise daily can help improve memory and learning

Doing exercise for up to an hour a day can improve memory and learning in children and the elderly, say scientists.

Hormone that can mimic a good workout identified

A natural hormone from muscle cells that triggers some of the key health benefits of exercise.