Indonesia executes eight prisoners for drugs offences
Indonesia executes eight prisoners for drugs offences

Indonesia on Wednesday staunchly defended its execution of seven foreigners including two Australians as a vital front of its "war" on drugs as testimony emerged of how they went singing to their deaths.

Indonesia executions: Jakarta justifies death for 8 drug convicts
Indonesia executions: Jakarta justifies death for 8 drug convicts

Being slammed from all sides over its relentless execution of eight drug convicts, Indonesia on Wednesday brushed aside condemnations, justifying the deaths as apart of country's war against drug crimes.

Decision to execute foreigners sets Indonesia apart

 ​While there are foreigners languishing on death row across Asia, where several countries impose the death penalty for drugs offences, it is rare for authorities to execute them.

No more legal avenues for death row convicts: Indonesia govt

  Nine drug convicts have no more legal avenues to delay their execution at an Indonesian maximum security prison, said Tony Spontana, spokesman for the Attorney General`s Office, on Tuesday.

UN chief appeals to Indonesia not to carry out executions

United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon appealed to Indonesia on Saturday not to execute 10 prisoners, including two Australians, for drug-related crimes.

Pakistan executes 19 prisoners in two days: Officials

 Pakistan has hanged 19 prisoners in the past two days, officials said Wednesday, bringing the total number put to death since executions resumed in December to nearly 100.

Anger in Pakistan over Karachi police `executions`

Sohail Ahmed was picked up last December by a bunch of burly men outside his local mosque in Karachi and shoved into an SUV. It was the last time his family saw him alive. 

Emotional plea for Pakistani death row convict condemned as teen

The family of a man condemned to death as a teenager made an emotional appeal for mercy Friday, saying a court order for his execution next week had "shattered their hopes".

Utah could become only US state to restore firing squad

Utah could become the only US state to restore the firing squad as a method of execution after lawmakers approved a bill on the emotive issue on Tuesday.

Pakistan lifts death penalty moratorium completely: Officials

Pakistan has lifted its moratorium on the death penalty in all capital cases, officials said Tuesday, after restarting executions for terrorism offences in the wake of a Taliban school massacre.

Nitrogen gas executions approved by Oklahoma House

Oklahoma City" Oklahoma would become the first US state to allow the execution of death row inmates using nitrogen gas under a bill overwhelmingly approved today by the House of Representatives.

IS video shows execution of four Iraqis from Tikrit

The Islamic State jihadist group released a video on Monday in which four Sunni tribesmen from the Tikrit region are executed for allegedly collaborating with the government.

Australian PM strikes conciliatory note over Indonesia executions

Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott struck a conciliatory tone on Thursday after speaking with Indonesian President Joko Widodo about the looming execution of two convicted Australian drug traffickers.

Australia ratchets up pressure on Indonesia over executions

Indonesia owes it to Australia not to execute two Australian drug offenders on death row, Prime Minister Tony Abbott said on Wednesday, ratcheting up a diplomatic war of words that is threatening to sour relations between the neighbours.

Transfer delayed but Indonesian executions to go ahead: Reports

The transfer of two Australians on death row in Indonesia to an island for execution has been delayed to allow them more time with their families, reports said Tuesday.

Australian PM Abbott threatens repercussions over Indonesia executions

Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott has warned Indonesia of the potential for diplomatic fallout if Jakarta goes ahead with the looming execution of two Australian citizens on death row for drugs charges.

Australia PM warns Indonesia of tough response to executions

Millions of Australians are "sickened" by the imminent execution of two of its citizens by Indonesia, Prime Minister Tony Abbott said Sunday, warning of a tough diplomatic response.

US state delays seven executions to secure new drugs

The US state of Ohio is postponing the execution of seven death row inmates, officials said Friday, following several botched lethal injection killings across the country last year. 

Top US court to consider use of lethal drugs in executions

The US Supreme Court agreed Friday to consider whether a cocktail of lethal drugs used for executions in Oklahoma represent cruel and unusual punishment.

North Korea officials executed for watching South Korean TV soaps?
North Korea officials executed for watching South Korean TV soaps?

In another bizarre report from the Hermit Kingdom, members of North Korea's Workers' Party were executed for secretly watching South Korean television broadcasts.