Closest, brightest supernova poses new questions about exploding stars

A bright supernova found only six weeks back in a nearby galaxy is provoking new questions about the exploding stars , which researchers use as their main yardstick for measuring the universe.

How exploding stars and black holes sowed early cosmos with iron

Astrophysicists by detecting an even distribution of iron throughout a massive galaxy cluster can reveal how exploding stars and black holes sowed the early cosmos with heavy elements.

Exploding stars offer clues to dark energy

Observation of two bright exploding stars is improving the astronomical "tape measure" used to calculate the acceleration of the expansion of the universe, say scientists.

Exploding massive stars drive galactic winds

Fierce galactic winds powered by an intense burst of star formation may blow gas right out of massive galaxies, shutting down their ability to make new stars.

Universe’s mysterious flux arises from exploding stars

A team of scientists has established that a mysterious flux of particles in the Universe originates from exploding stars, rather than being proof of dark matter.