Extreme weather conditions linked to wind pattern variations

Variations in the flow of high altitude winds that normally blow from west to east around the planet can have a major influence on prolonged bouts of unseasonal weather - whether it be hot, cold, wet or dry - in parts of Europe, Asia and the US, said a study.

`Leaked` IPCC report warns of `devastating rise of 4-5 C`

A new leaked report of Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change ( IPCC) reportedly warns that the temperature could increase by about 4 to 5 degree C, compared with pre-industrial levels, if no action is taken to halt it.

Humans not influencing all extreme weather events

A new research has revealed that although climate change likely had little impact on the lack of precipitation in the Central US, it did account for about 35 per cent of the extreme warmth experienced in the Eastern US between March and May.

Indian Ocean key to predict extreme weather in Australia

Changes in the surface temperature of the Indian Ocean is helping scientists predict extreme weather in Australia up to six months in advance.

Extreme weather may become norm around Indian Ocean by 2050

If the world continues to do nothing to curb climate change, extreme weather conditions, like torrential rains and bad droughts, will become the norm around the equator by 2050, a new study has warned.

2013 marked by record sea level, weather extremes: WMO

Sea levels this year posted a record high, making low-lying coastal populations ever more vulnerable to extreme weather like super-storm Haiyan, the UN said today.

Global warming raising heat risk to record levels

A new study has revealed that global warming has increased risk of heat rising to record levels.

Extreme weather due to man-made climate changes

Man-made climate changes may be behind extreme weather patterns that ravage the world such as the US and Russian heat waves in 2011 and 2010 and the unprecedented floods in Pakistan.

Extreme weather threatens rich ecosystems

Flora and fauna will become extinct at a rate 100-1,000 times higher than normal.

Get ready for extreme weather: IPCC

The panel said the world needs to get ready for more dangerous and "unprecedented extreme weather" caused by global warming.

Future holds more extreme weather

The latest warning from top climate scientists paints a grim future: More floods, more heat waves, more droughts and greater costs to deal with them.

Extreme weather fuels debate over global warming

Amid wildfires in Russia and floods in Pakistan, questions are being asked about global warming.