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Lack of awareness major cause for vision disorders: Study

 As many as 42 per cent drivers in India have vision problems and 59 per cent of the road accidents are related to poor sight, says a study.

Make eye tests a must for diabetics

The government must make eye tests compulsory for diabetics to prevent growing blindness in India, a leading doctor told an ophthalmology convention that ended here Sunday.

Dead people`s eyes may enable blind to see world

Researchers have suggested that cells taken from the donated eyes of dead people may be able to give sight to the blind.

Chilly winter can affect the eyes too

Blurred vision, scratching and burning sensation and irritation in the eye - these are not minor irritants in your daily routine but might be the pointers to a condition called the dry-eye syndrome which plagues many people during an extreme winter.

Tips to cure dry eye syndrome

Experts suggest that use of lubricating ointment and fish oil supplements can help in curing the dry eye syndrome.

Taking oral contraceptives can cause glaucoma in women

A new study has suggested that that women who have taken oral contraceptives for three or more years are twice as likely to suffer from glaucoma.