Google to halt sale of Google Glass
Google to halt sale of Google Glass

Google is set to discontinue the sale of its smart eyewear Google Glass, but the tech giant plans to release new, consumer-friendly versions of the device in the future.

Smart 3D glasses let you watch different scenes of same movie

Imagine watching a movie with a friend on the same screen where you have the villain`s perspective and they have the hero`s point of view!

Coming soon, smart contact lenses to give you superhuman vision!

A latest eyewear system made with a combination of glasses and contact lenses could reportedly allow the wearer to have superhuman vision by focusing on finer details of objects that are otherwise not visible to natural eye .

Now, just wink to click photos on Google Glass

Google Glass on Tuesday announced updates to the software in its Internet-linked eyewear to allow users to snap pictures by winking.

Now, Google Glass makes fashion statement in Vogue

Tech giants like Apple, Samsung, Sony are also making high-tech gadgets which are not only wearable but can be called as fashion statement.

Jake Gyllenhaal donates used eyewear

Actor Jake Gyllenhaal donates his used glasses for those who cannot afford prescription eyewear.