Electronic fabric that changes colours in seconds created

It`s not a science fiction, but real. A Budapest-based textile designer has come up with a brilliant creation - an interactive electronic fabric that can change colours on hearing sound or when touched in a research called `Chromosonic`.

Now, `wear your heart on your sleeves` with LED Mood-Sweater

A LED Mood-Sweater, that has been recently developed, will read human emotions by reflecting specific LED light colors onto the white fabric of a sweater.

Now, a fabric that makes you feel fresh despite sweat

Summers might just become more comfortable and less smelly experience, as IIT-Delhi in partnership with an industrial firm has developed a fabric that cuts out smell and keeps it fresh for the wearer despite sweating.

Smart clothing to turn ordinary fabric into gadget

Today`s regular clothing has the unexplored power to become tomorrow`s wearable electronics.

A technique that can lift fingerprints from fabric!

Scientists have developed a new
technique which they claim could lift fingerprints from cloth.

New dye will end running colours in laundry

A new type of dye is set to put an end to the need to separate clothing into coloured and whites.