Talk to celebrities at Emmy Awards with Facebook app

Facebook has teamed up with entertainment show `Access Hollywood` to launch an app that will connect fans with their favourite celebrities in real time during the 66th Emmy Awards nights Aug 25.

Facebook Paper update allows more sharing with download links

Facebook has reportedly updated its social news reader app `Paper,` with features for sharing content and a downloadable link for the app.

`Bang With Friends` mysterious CEO revealed

Bang with Friends- the controversial Facebook app run by its CEO and co-founder who just goes by his initial `C` has been revealed accidentally by Internet New York which included the founders` name on the online ballot.

US state 1st with voter registration on Facebook

Washington will become the first state in America to allow voter registration through an app on the social networking site Facebook, according to a report.

A single click protects kids from paedophiles

A new Facebook app can help parents protect children from snooping with a single click and also keep them safe from pedophiles.

With Facebook app, now send one final message

The If I Die app lets you send one final text message or YouTube video from beyond the grave.

Interface that prevents security leaks on Facebook

An interface created by researchers for Facebook apps could help members prevent leakage of personal information to hackers and identity thieves.

Facebook Apps create up to 2.3 lakh jobs

Social networking website Facebook, known as a platform for connecting with friends and acquaintances, also seems to be helping create lakhs of jobs, says a new study.