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Facebook shares recover as investors shrug off falling usage

Facebook Inc shares steadied on Thursday after wobbling in the wake of post-earnings comments by company executives about slowing use and a strategy of not increasing the frequency of ads shown to users.

SEC may fine Nasdaq $5mn over botched Facebook IPO

Nasdaq was blamed for a number of technical glitches last May that put a damper on the Facebook’s first day of trading.

Facebook likely to face investors’ pressure over strategy to speed up revenue growth

“All investors are going to care about is the tone and tenor of revenue growth,” said Brian Wieser, an analyst at Pivotal Research Group.

Facebook shares hit new low

BMO Capital Markets cut Facebook’s price target to USD 15, down from USD 25, saying that the “investor views of the company are lower.”

Wall Street flat after Facebook IPO listed

US stocks reversed earlier gains after Facebook Inc stumbled in its market debut on NASDAQ, a news wire reported on Friday.