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Everyone accepts Facebook is media, except Facebook

I log onto Facebook for two main reasons – news sharing and news sharing.

Oct 17, 2017, 22:43 PM IST
Germany threatens to fine Facebook €500,000 over fake posts

Germany threatens to fine Facebook €500,000 over fake posts

A day after Facebook said it was stepping up efforts against fake news and hoaxes, Germany announced a new law that will empower it to fine the social media giant 500,000 euros ($522,575) for every problematic post that does not vanish within 24 hours. 

Dec 19, 2016, 03:59 AM IST

Facebook revenue jumps 51.7 percent as mobile drives ad sales

Facebook has the world`s most popular smartphone app.

Jan 28, 2016, 02:56 AM IST
Police to approach Interpol for fake Facebook account of Tripura CM

Police to approach Interpol for fake Facebook account of Tripura CM

The Tripura Police is likely to approach Interpol to probe the fake Facebook account opened in the name of Chief Minister Manik Sarkar, an official said here on Saturday.

Jan 09, 2016, 16:00 PM IST

Facebook unveils expanded like button with emojis

The long awaited Facebook "dislike" button is here with a twist! A new set of features like new emoji's for different emotions accompanies it.

Oct 09, 2015, 12:20 PM IST
Facebook reveals the all new like button with emojis!

Facebook reveals the all new like button with emojis!

Facebook revealed the improved like button through a video yesterday on the social networking site.

Oct 09, 2015, 10:35 AM IST
Beware! Facebook dislike button scams on the prowl

Beware! Facebook dislike button scams on the prowl

In a recent Q&A in September 2015, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg hinted at bringing out a Facebook Dislike button.

Sep 23, 2015, 10:43 AM IST

Facebook shifts News Feed, gives priority to friends

Facebook has said it was reconfiguring its News Feed, in a move aimed at giving people more information about what is happening to "the friends you care about."

Apr 22, 2015, 06:27 AM IST

FB may have over 100 mn duplicate accounts globally: Report

Worldwide mobile MAUs increased 34 percent to 1.01 billion as of March 31, 2014 from 751 million as of March 31, 2013.

May 04, 2014, 21:35 PM IST

India tops list of requests for blocking content on Facebook

Facebook's report also revealed that India made the second largest number of user requests at 3,598 after the US.

Apr 13, 2014, 14:03 PM IST

New tool predicts which photos will go viral on Facebook

The term 'cascades' is used to describe photos or videos being shared multiple times.

Apr 06, 2014, 15:49 PM IST

Facebook denies scrapping bold designs in wake of bad ad revenues

The claims were made by the owner of the publishing platform Svbtle Dustin Curtis, who is also a UX designer and writer.

Mar 31, 2014, 20:23 PM IST

Facebook eating into Google's mobile ad market share: eMarketer

Facebook and Google together accounted for over 66 per cent of the global mobile ad spending in 2013, that rose over two-fold to USD 17.96 billion, compared to 2012.

Mar 24, 2014, 13:26 PM IST

Spam video for 'missing jet near Bermuda Triangle' spreading malware on Facebook

The spam video has been enticing users to click on the link has flooded users' timelines and spreading malware.

Mar 15, 2014, 11:44 AM IST

Facebook's redesigned News Feed just 'subtle' tweak of original

The new News Feed contains just two major changes, one where updates are set off from the background of the page by making them look like white cards against a gray surface.

Mar 10, 2014, 21:19 PM IST

Facebook celebrates its 10th birthday

The company was launched by Mark Zuckerberg on February 4, 2004, from Harvard University.

Feb 03, 2014, 15:30 PM IST

Facebook battles to stay young and cool

It is not that he and his friends are abandoning the social network. They are spreading their love to rival networks like Twitter, Pinterest, SnapChat, Instagram and blogging platform Tumblr.

Feb 03, 2014, 09:02 AM IST

Facebook to boost spending 80% to $2.5 bn this year

The US-based company, which turns 10 this week, expects its capex to be as much as USD 2.5 billion, up from USD 1.37 billion in 2013.

Feb 02, 2014, 12:22 PM IST

Facebook userbase touches 1.23 bn in 2013

Also, the number of people using Facebook on a daily basis increased by 139 million to 757 million at the end of the year.

Jan 31, 2014, 02:41 AM IST

Facebook eyes options for low-power server technology

Intel dominates the server market with its powerful Xeon processors

Jan 29, 2014, 05:10 AM IST