Updating Facebook' worst interest to put on your CV: Poll

 Hapless jobseekers are listing sleeping, watching TV and even browsing Facebook as interests on their CVs, according to a new UK poll.

New online game lets players see `Facebook life` flash before eyes after crash

An online game is being hailed for its inevitable end scene in which boy racers see their lives flash before their eyes when they crash.

Facebook holds clues to users` self-esteem

People with lower self-esteem are more concerned with what others post about them on Facebook and continuously monitor their wall, scientists, including one of Indian-origin, have found.

Facebook profiles could raise users` self-esteem and affect their behaviour

A Facebook profile can provide beneficial psychological effects and influence behaviour, a new study has claimed.

Students` judge professors based on their Facebook profiles: Study

More than 800 million people worldwide use Facebook, and 93 percent of college students have an active account on the social networking site, according to a recent estimate.

Jilted techie creates fake Facebook profile of girl, arrested

A software employee from Bangalore was arrested on the charge of creating a fake Facebook profile of a girl.

Man hacks his girlfriend`s Facebook profile

A 38-year-old man had hacked into
his ex-girlfriend`s profile at a popular social networking
site and changed her status to `gay` and demanded money to
restore her true online identity.