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Mark Zuckerberg is world's 5th richest person

Mark Zuckerberg is world's 5th richest person

Following Facebook`s second quarter earnings report that showed the company`s stocks hit record high, CEO Mark Zuckerberg has achieved a personal milestone too, becoming the world`s fifth richest person.

Facebook soars to new heights on upbeat earnings

Facebook shares rocketed to an all-time high as investors welcomed solid earnings for the social networking giant, which has seen big gains in advertising and better connections in mobile and video.

Facebook's market value tops $200 bn

The market value of the social networking site Facebook has crossed the $200 billion mark, making it the 22nd largest company in the world.

Apple still rules in Japan as carriers battle to sell iPhones

For Apple, that price competition has helped to cement iPhone`s dominance in the market.

Apple, Facebook options reflect hopes for stock gains

The options market is reflecting a higher probability of large upside moves in Apple Inc and Facebook Inc stock when both companies report quarterly earnings next week.

Facebook CEO Zuckerberg makes his largest donation ever

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg has made his largest ever charity donation by deciding to donate nearly USD 500 million in stock to a Silicon Valley charity.

Facebook shares hit new low

BMO Capital Markets cut Facebook’s price target to USD 15, down from USD 25, saying that the “investor views of the company are lower.”

George Soros invests $10m in Facebook in Q2

According to The Telegraph, shares in Facebook, which was one of the biggest listings in history, and one of the worst performing, have plunged by almost 50 percent from their listing price of 38 dollars per share.

Facebook stock falls 15% following weak results

In the first hour of the trade the stock plunged by as much 14.99 percent to a low of USD 22.77 on Nasdaq.