'I' director Shankar faces wrath of transgender community

Filmmaker Shankar has earned the wrath of a group of transgenders here after they found objectionable scenes about their community in his latest Tamil magnum opus "I", which is currently running in cinemas.

PK faces ire of Hindutva elements in Agra
PK faces ire of Hindutva elements in Agra

 Accusing actor Amir Khan of double standards, and advising him to go to Pakistan, Bajrang Dal and Vishwa Hindu Parishad activists jointly intruded into the Shree Talkies here Sunday evening to disrupt screening of the film PK.

Faces' keyboardist Ian McLagan dies
Faces' keyboardist Ian McLagan dies

Ian McLagan, a fun-loving keyboardist who played on records by such artists as the Rolling Stones, Lucinda Williams, Bruce Springsteen and his own bands -- the Small Faces and its successor, the Faces --has died. He was 69.

Why autistic people see faces differently

 People with autism spectrum disorder (ASD) gain different perceptions from peoples' faces as the way they gather information - not the judgement process itself - is different from those without the disorder, says a study.

Brain perceives alphabets just as it does human faces

A new study has revealed that adaptation mechanisms of the brain while recognizing faces are similar when perceiving alphabets.

Paedophiles` brains `abnormally tuned` to find children`s faces cute

A new study has revealed that paedophiles` brains are "abnormally tuned" to find the face of a child more attractive than that of an adult.

Bad at recognising faces? Blame your genes

The ability to recognise faces is a distinct human skill, separate from a general ability to recognise objects, and can be inherited, a new study has found.

How brain chooses to focus on some faces and ignore others

A new study has explained how the brain chooses what to pay attention to and what to merely monitor and ignore.

Kids form first impressions from faces

Researchers have said that kids as young as 3 tend to judge an individual`s character traits, like trustworthiness and competence, simply by looking at the person`s face.

Now, print your `edible` face using world`s first 3D chocolate printer

hocolate lovers now have something new to look forward to - getting a print of their face with the world`s first 3D chocolate printer that they can actually eat.

How brain recognizes familiar faces in unfamiliar settings

Researchers, who tried to answer why it take longer to recognise a familiar face when seen in an unfamiliar setting, have found that part of the reason comes down to the processes that our brain performs when learning and recognising faces.

Ravens can recall faces, sounds years later

Just as we remember faces and voices of several individuals, certain birds too can recall faces and sounds after a number of years, says a study.

Our brain can tell real face from imitations

A study co-authored by an Indian-born scientist says that the brain can tell real face from a facial imitation.

Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood faces backlash

Opinion polls suggest that the Muslim Brotherhood and its Islamist allies will win more than 40 per cent of the vote in Egypt`s general elections.

Ruling BJD candidate moves EC, faces Maoist threat

Subhas Gond, who was a close associate of the slain BJD MLA Jagabandhu Majhi, is contesting the bypoll scheduled to be held on November 30.

Babies `can tell faces apart`

Babies exposed to faces of different races can better process "other-race" features later in life.

Babies `can tell faces apart`

Babies exposed to faces of different races can better process "other-race" features later in life.

Lady Gaga faces off with protester

Gaga was confronted by a placard waving protester outside the venue of her gig.

People with symmetrical faces aren’t good looking

The myth that people with symmetrical faces are better looking has been set straight by a photographer, who studied the faces of 11 subjects.

People remember unfamiliar faces best between ages 30 and 34

If you think that memory fades away with age, you may be wrong.